Why ORM is Like Managing Your Health

Your health is about more than staying alive longer. It’s also about looking and feeling better. How do you look at someone who appears to be ill, likely you have a perception of them that’s different than someone who looks healthy and strong. The way you view a stage-three cancer patient would be along the lines of pity, while you would probably admire a seasoned Olympic runner. Your health is your image and your image is your reputation.  Local SEO companies can’t stress enough the importance of using online reputation management services, which can help ensure you have a healthy brand image on the World Wide Web.

The same goes for brushing your teeth. Imagine going into a meeting with someone who has brown and dirty teeth. It’s a major turn off and for many people, a deal breaker. But you don’t brush your teeth because they are dirty, you do it out of force of habit. It’s a preventative measure that can help stop this from happening in the first place. Plus, brushing your teeth impacts your long-term health.

If you waited until your teeth were disgusting to brush them, then you risk having your teeth fall out. You may even get gum disease and other oral ailments. Your once beautiful smile would be tarnished. At this point, it would be too late to do something to restore it to its former glory. You may be able to save some teeth, but the others will be gone forever.

So in a sense, managing your health is like an insurance policy for preventing disease and illnesses. You can view your online reputation management the same way. A lot of brands know ORM is important for their Internet presence, but fail to implement it until they have an issue, such as a negative review, a disgruntled employee’s rant or a sketchy forum that sticks out like a rotten tooth in a mouth of pearly whites.

Fixing certain bad press can take months or even years to repair. But this is something that many brands don’t want to hear. The best way to implement ORM is as a preventative method. Start building up your reputation now, so that you can have a strong foundation that’s difficult to break.

Your Search Results Matter

SEO is a very important piece of the ORM puzzle. This is how people are able to find out the good and the bad about any particular brand. You want to ensure that what users find about your brand is good. Unfortunately, review sites dominate the search engines, which means any negative posts written on them will prevail in SERPs. It’s a negative first impression that’s difficult to bounce back from. Local SEO companies can evaluate your search results and formulate a plan to boost your online reputation.

The Best Insurance Brings in Business

Your ORM strategy should help generate new business for your brand. There are a lot of companies that are actively building up their online reputation and their efforts aren’t fruitless. They get business from clients who are interested in their proactive, brand-focused campaigns. Doing this before you get bad press is essential.

What You Can Do Today

Here is a quick overview of what you can do today to get started with your ORM strategy:

  • Purchase your domain: This should consist of your brand name (i.e. yourbrandname.org)
  • Build a website: Having a professional website or blog is important, as this will represent your brand. Include your portfolio, bio, resume, accolades and contact information. You can have your website design performed by a firm in Los Angeles.
  • Maintain an active blog: This is essential for gaining control of what people find out about your brand on search engines. Strategically use keywords, so that you can maintain your brand image.
  • Get on social media: Build a presence on networks your audience uses.

These tasks can be performed by local SEO companies, so no more excuses for not getting your Online Reputation Management on par!


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