Real Solutions for Growing Your Email Marketing List

It’s true – email marketing is one of the top ways to drive sales for both online and offline businesses. There aren’t too many methods you can use to generate sales near-instantaneously after launching a new product or service. But what many brands lack is understanding of how to design their campaigns to maximize results. SEO companies have multiple methods and tools used to make their email strategies work, so consider using their services.

Working with an SEO company in Los Angeles will help ensure you have a good email marketing strategy and the content to back it.

Moving Away from Traditional Methods of Growing Email Lists

Back in the day, building up your email database with tens of thousands of people was a difficult task. You need at least 10,000 people in your email list to see any real impact on your email marketing efforts. Before new methods emerged, brands and SEO services in Los Angeles would give away special reports, courses and videos in exchange for an email address.

The issue with this method was that the cost per subscriber was too high. For instance, say each subscriber costs $5 – that would be $1 per click and a 20 percent conversion rate for landing pages. In order to generate a database of 10,000 people, you would have to spend around $50,000.

Most businesses, especially small ones, can’t afford this type of marketing. Brands are looking to build up their email lists quickly – in six months or less – and when they can’t, they quit because they can’t afford it.

The tools and techniques we have access to today make it much easier to create a winning email marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the tricks SEO companies use today.

Hosting Viral Competitions

Everyone likes the idea of winning, especially when it involves getting something for free. This makes viral competitions one of the best ways to build user engagement and email lists. The idea is to have users give you their email address for entry into the contest. Then they can get additional entries by signing up others as well.

You just have to make it so that the prize is sought-after, such as a $100 coupon at a place people like to shop or an actual product people enjoy. It should be something from your brand or related to your market, so you know they will likely be interested in the products you promote to them later on.

Your campaign should also nurture the users from being competition entrants to a real business prospects. And hopefully, many of them will end up converting into customers.

Popup List Builder Apps

These can be coded into your website easily and work wonders for list building. For instance, the popup can show up when the visitor has been on the site for a certain amount of time (say, 15 seconds), or when they’re about to click away from the screen. The popup can be designed to block the entire page or scroll with the user as they’re browsing. These popup boxes have a conversion rate of about 2.24 percent.

There are clever ways you can make this work for your audience. You should consult with an expert from an SEO agency to see what techniques you can use to make it more effective.

Write Posts that Are Astronomical

The content visitors find on your website should be enough to persuade them to sign up for your email newsletter. People don’t mind giving out their emails to brands they feel can help them with their problems. So make sure that the content you post to your site is relevant, compelling and clearly outlines the benefits you offer. This will do half the job of converting visitors. Combining this with the popup list builder app can also help boost conversions.

All of your posts don’t have to be epic, but they do need to be engaging, high-quality and relevant. This may mean spending a few days on the content, making them long and filled with juicy content. Stop generating fluff just for the sake of filling your site. This will put you in the category of being generic, or worse spammy, which will set you behind competitors who are writing spectacular stuff. SEO companies are here to help, so search for one that has your brand’s best interest at heart!


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