Guide to Creating Lead Magnets that Convert

Attracting customers to your website is only the beginning. You need to strategize your way into their conscious, using tactics that help drive them to make the final click – the buy now button. Converting visitors into customers is the end result every brand wishes to accomplish, but many fail to do so. And if you’re not utilizing the web to your business advantage, then you’re already falling behind you competition. All industries need to have a website that helps visitors to complete a call to action, whether it’s to make an online purchase or contact your company. If this is something you’re struggling with, then it’s time to consult with the experts at an SEO agency.

Boosting your conversion rates is definitely possible, but only with the correct strategies in place. One way of achieving this is by using phenomenal lead magnets. How do you do this? All you need is a solution to a specific problem your target customer is having. Keyword here is “specific” – generalization is not going to work here.

Creating Lead Magnets

As you’re coming up with possible lead magnets for your customers, you need to keep two things in mind – customer personas and the offers your competitors are advertising. Having a good idea of who your customers are is crucial for understanding their problems. This will help you to design messages that speaks to them directly, so that they convert. Comprehensive competitor research is also required to help you design campaigns that set your brand apart and hopefully ahead of your competition. Try finding the best SEO agency in Los Angeles that has a track record for helping companies in your industry with this.

What Are the Best Lead Magnets?

This all comes down to the niche you’re in and the type of business you own. Certain lead magnetics will attract more customers than others. But overall, they should be very visual, attractive and add value. This has to be done without you offering a complete product or service (after all, this is being given for free, so it wouldn’t make sense to give away the goods just yet). The idea is to get people to dish out cash for your offer.

There are different ways you can draw in visitors, such as with gamified surveys. People love to test their knowledge, personality, IQ and attitude. It’s also a great way to collect personal details, such as a name and email address. Today’s generation is all about being entertained, so play into that.

However, if your audience is more into gaining insights, information and data, then go with writing a free report. This too shouldn’t be too comprehensive, but contain enough to add value. Remember, this should be an extension of your true product, so that it helps lead them to the purchase. Writing case studies and reports will also help position you as a leader in your industry, making you a reliable resource.

Other free downloadables can also be used to, such as apps and software. If you offer an online service, consider providing a free trial for prospects to try.

Video tutorials have proven to be a gold mine – numbers show video tutorials can give you five times the conversions. It’s pretty simple to make using your own home computer and a screen capture software. Make a step-by-step video showing how to use your product or service, so people won’t be intimidated. If they can see how easy it is, then they will more likely convert.

Another option is to host regular webinars for people to attend live. It helps with getting people to anticipate your shows, and if you allow real-time commenting, that can really boost engagement. Make sure your webinars aren’t promotional – remember, it’s about adding value to your viewers. One way to do this is to interview another thought leader in your industry, or host a Q&A with your viewers.

Optimize Your Titles

Whatever type of lead magnets you choose to use, make sure the titles are properly optimized. These need to be very compelling and telling. Don’t make them guess what’s inside – tell them, so they’ll want to click on it to read. A bit of A/B testing may be in order, which can be done with the assistance of an SEO agency.


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