How & Why You Should Be Building Links Manually

There are a variety of ways you can build links for your company. Doing so can help boost your website’s Search Engine Optimization ranks, and it can generate more leads to your business. However, how you go about building the links for your site is very important. You don’t want to end up penalized for using blackhat methods. It’s hard to get off Google’s radar after committing a “crime” against their search engine. An SEO agency can help steer you clear of issues with Google.

There are two options you have for building links properly – naturally and manually. For the sake of this article, we will focus on how you can effectively build links manually.

Why Manual Link Building?

This form of link building takes more precision and planning to pull off. In this case, you are creating high-quality content specifically for a particular audience and publisher. You can find various sites within your industry that you can offer guest posts to. The idea is for you to continuously write these tailored pieces, which will all have links pointing back to your website.

As time goes on, your link building profile will increase and so will your traffic, especially if you’re writing for reputable sources with bigger audiences. The great thing about manual link building is that:

  • It gives you more direction and control, instead of publishing content and waiting and hoping for others to share the link on their blogs.
  • It provides reliable scaling, since you can gradually work your way up to sources with higher authority.
  • It offers other benefits, like building your personal brand, reputation, visibility and relationships.

The main downside to manual link building is that there’s a risk of getting penalized by Google if you have your links placed on bad sources. It can also be a time-consuming investment. In this case, your company can use the services of an SEO agency.

What All Links Should Have

If you want to ensure you build a quality link profile (which you should to avoid losing your rank), you must absolutely ensure that all of your links have the following:

  • High-quality sources: The sites you place your links on should have high authority and relevance to your industry. There are different ways you can assess a site to determine if it will help boost or decline your site ranking, such as reviewing its domain authority. You’ll have to work your way up, since most high authority sites won’t want to link to yours if it has a low domain authority ranking.
  • Natural link placement: The link to your website should flow into the content naturally. In most cases, multiple sources can and should be used throughout your piece, one of which should be pointing to your domain. Preferably, your link should have keyword anchor text.
  • Content relevance and quality: No site, except for spammy sites, will want to post your content if it’s poorly written and irrelevant to their audience. Make sure you are writing for their target reader, which should also consist of the same people you’re business is targeting. Relevance is highly essential, so don’t underestimate it. An SEO agency can help you plan and write content for your link building campaign.
  • Adds value to readers: Sites with high authority reached their status because they consistently push out content that is valuable to their audience. This will improve your chances of having your content approved for publishing on their site. It’s very important to read the guest posting guidelines (if available) to determine what type of content they like to publish.

Creating Your Link Building Foundation

It’s hard to have content published on sites with high authority when you don’t have a reputation already. In order to appeal to quality publishers, you’re going to need to impress them with content that is highly valuable. Your website should also be designed professionally. Build a blog on your site to showcase some of your work – they will likely check this before considering publishing content from you.

Add social media into the mix to help generate buzz and interactions from people. If your brand becomes well-known in the consumer (or B2B) market, then it will be easier to prove your worth!


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