Increase User Engagement Using Visually-Inspired Content

People are visual beings. We remember things better when they come with photos, graphics, videos and charts. There’s no denying the best presentations come with visuals. Surely, you’ve had your share of presentations that were very boring because it was too much talking and way too much text. Companies that are using SEO and other online marketing tactics have better results when they implement visual content.

Why is it that visuals work so well? Because it engages us, and when your mind is engaged, it’s actively thinking, responding and remembering.

Visual Content Gets More Shares

User engagement is a commodity every brand in the social media community wants. It’s why most hire a professional in Los Angeles that offers SEO services. It’s a proven fact that visual content boosts engagement on social media, which comes in the form of shares, comments and likes.

People are compelled to stick around longer when they see content that’s visually-appealing. But consistently delivering content that increases user engagement is another story. Here are a few tips to help visually-inspire your audience and get them engaged.

Include Visuals in Your Blog Posts

Blogs continue to be a great medium for reaching out to your audience. SEO companies always recommend having one because of the traffic and engagement it brings when used correctly. Studies show that your search engine optimization can increase when you incorporate visual content throughout your website. This is in part due to the higher rates of users coming and staying on your blog.

Another reason to use visual content in your blog posts is to enhance user engagement on your social media accounts. When you share your blog posts on social media, it implements the photo used. If it’s visually-appealing, then it will capture attention and possible clicks and shares.

According to research done by, images can help increase engagement by 650 percent (compared to posts with text only). Just make sure you’re choosing visuals that reinforce the message and data in your posts, so people retain it better.

Convey Your Message Visually

Content is more understandable when it has visuals that back up what you’re saying. This doesn’t just go for blog posts. Having images throughout your website can also help convey your brand’s message. The right photos and clear and concise text can go much further than any text-heavy page could.

In the social media world, it’s shown that keeping posts beneath 250 characters can boost engagement by 60 percent. Those reduced to 80 characters have witnessed up to a 66 percent increase in engagement. Couple this with great imagery and you have a really attractive post.

You can use a variety of tools to make intriguing photos, such as BeFunky, Canva and PicMonkey. The idea here is to allow images to speak for themselves, rather than drowning them in a sea of text.

Become Emotionally Connected with Your Followers

Brands and SEO companies that are able to connect with their audience on an emotional level have a higher rate of user engagement. People are more willing to like, comment on and share a post when you’re able to pull this off.

Visuals have been found to help a lot in this scenario. People just respond better to posts that have visuals, especially if they are inspirational, motivating or stimulating in some form or fashion. These emotions translate to your brand, which helps to open the door to customer loyalty. Take a quick course in the association between visuals and positive and negative emotions, so that you can invoke the right feelings whenever you want to.


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