SEO Hacks that Can Get You to the 1st Page of Google

What’s the key to making any strategy flawless? This is a problem a lot of small business owners face – getting their Internet marketing strategies to perform well. But as with anything in life, it takes practice and precision. If your search engine optimization plan isn’t driving the results you’re looking for, then it could be that’s it’s missing one of the various factors that are crucial for SEO to work. One way SEO companies in Los Angeles ensure this is by using checklists.

There are a lot of moving parts in SEO strategies, making it hard to see at first glance what’s missing and what isn’t. This is why it’s necessary to take a closer look. Local SEO companies offer evaluation services that can be beneficial for pinpointing key areas that are missing in your optimization strategy.

Keep in mind that content marketing is still the meat and gravy of any search engine optimization plan. However, the following tips can also be used to drive better results for your campaign.

Choose Golden Keywords

One mistake new businesses make is selecting one too many keywords. This just makes it more difficult to rank your website. The idea is to choose really good keywords to focus on in all of your content. The keywords you select should have good search volumes and not too much competition. And if it’s relevant to your business, you should include localized keywords.

Include Keywords in Your Title

If a keyword is inside of a title, Google and other search engines automatically assume that this content is going to discuss that topic. Of course, it will skim the rest using its robots to see if there are other relevant keywords to justify this. So only use keywords in titles that are relevant to the topic or you’ll be categorized as spam by both search engines and human users.

Put Keywords in Your Image

You can do this by adding keywords to the name of the image, as well as the alt-tag. This further tells search engines what you content is about. All you have to do is name the image file on your computer with the keyword included before you upload it to your blog post or Web site.

Create Amazing Content

The content you place keywords in must be high quality, relevant and engaging. If it isn’t, no one is going to spend time reading it. And if search engines see that visitors are bouncing away from the page, then it’s going to determine that your content is irrelevant. An SEO company in Los Angeles that offers content marketing services can be helpful in this case. Careful planning is needed, which should include evaluating your audience and their online habits.

Keep an Eye On Competitors

It’s always good to know who your competition are. You can learn this by going into private mode on your Web browser and typing in the keywords you’re planning to target in your content. What shows up in the first 10 spots on Google are your direct competition. Look through their Web sites to see if you can do better or offer content with a different angle in order to compete. Look for missing areas that your audience wants and then offer it in your content.

Include Internal Links

It’s good to promote your other great content by linking to it in your posts. This does two things – helps keep visitors on your Web site and potentially helps to convert them into return visitors. Take the time to edit your old posts, so that it includes links to newer posts that are relevant.

If your Los Angeles company needs to improve its SEO, consider working hand-in-hand with an Internet marketing expert.


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