How to Integrate Video Into Your Content Marketing

Your brand’s visibility is everything on the World Wide Web. Without it, it’s difficult to attract prospects or even get current customers to return. This isn’t always easy to pull off – not without having a great content marketing strategy. But the type of content you publish is very important. While written content still performs well, video content is really taking the cake. There are over 78 million people in America who watch online video and over 213 million people who enjoy digital video content overall. This speaks volumes for how popular video is and why professional SEO services are now including it in their content marketing packages.

Adding video to your content marketing strategy can be done in a number of ways. Here are a few tips for making it work for your campaign.

Promote Other Brand Content

If you own a blog or publish content on syndication websites, then why not promote it using video? For instance, if you just released an eBook or white paper, you can talk about it in a short video to shed light on the contents. This will build awareness for your download, as well as your brand. Once the video is created, you can embed it on your social media sites and on the landing page for the download. You can obtain Web design services from a professional SEO service in Los Angeles.

Create a Series of Expert Tips

Everyone’s looking for insider information to improve their lives. Offering your expert advice works whether you’re in the B2B or B2C market. This can be done in the form of how-to tutorials, interviews with industry experts or a Q&A webinar with the public. These videos don’t have to be over-done either – a quick one to two minute feature should be sufficient. Remember, it’s a series, so keep them short and sweet.

Host a Live Event

Webcasts are pretty popular these days, especially those that are live. This is the second best option to attending an event in person. Since your audience is likely spread all over the U.S., this allows folks from all areas to participate and watch. You can use platforms like Periscope, Twitch and Blab. Online reputation management companies in Los Angeles oftentimes use these sites for uploading video content.

Social media should definitely be a part of the grand scheme of online video marketing. A professional SEO service provider can help formulate an online reputation management strategy that includes social media and online video.


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