5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Thrive

If you think about the past, present and future of content marketing, you can’t help but notice it’s becoming larger than life. Everyone scours the Web for content, whether it’s in the form of articles, social media posts or videos. It’s big, that’s no doubt, and there’s no end in sight. The great thing about content marketing is that it successfully incorporates SEO, email marketing and social media, which have all played a major role in how businesses gain visibility on the Internet. SEO companies in Los Angeles can agree to the benefit of content marketing, which can also be used for online reputation management.

There’s more to content marketing than meets the eye. This is why a lot of businesses struggle with it today. They lack an effective content strategy. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 38 percent of B2C marketers say their content plans work. In the B2B industry, it’s even lower, at just 30 percent.

If you own a business that lacks a solid content marketing plan, you can use the following tips to create one.

Build a Professional Blog

This should be a top priority for any company that’s serious about their online reputation. Your blog acts as both, your business suit and business card. Majority of your content marketing should be done here. Make sure you are pushing out high-quality content to appeal to your target market. If you need help, you can work with an SEO agency in Los Angeles that specializes in content marketing and Web design.

A great blog will offer useful information, testimonials, case studies, expert insights and a bit of entertainment. Update your blog regularly with exciting posts to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Survey Your Customers Regularly

Once you have set up your blog, begin collecting emails. You can create an account with tools like MailChimp, MailMunch or ConstantContact. There are free and paid accounts you can start out with until you grow your mailing list. An email list is important to have because it allows direct contact with prospects and customers. You can use your list to survey customers to learn whether they’re satisfied and what type of future posts they’d like to see.

Hire Experts from SEO Firms in Los Angeles

It’s impossible for a business owner to know it all, which is why we recommend hiring people who know more than you. This worked out well for the former editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee. His strategy was to hire people smarter than you and then encourage them to bloom. You can use this advice by employing freelancers, editors or even agencies to handle the things you don’t know how to do. These individuals should pay close attention to detail and deliver high-quality results. You can also use these experts as a resource for projects you’re working on.

Gain a Presence on Social Media

This is important for both content marketing and online reputation management. This is a critical part of your content strategy, as this is the way you will get eyes on your blog posts. Of course, you should also use your social profile to connect with users. There are two ways social media can positively impact your content marketing – it positions you as an authority and it will help generate leads.

Keep Track of ROI

It doesn’t matter how great of a content strategy you think you have. If it’s not giving you a return on investment, then it’s a waste of time. Make sure to keep track using tools like Google Analytics and other reporting tools. If you decide to work with an SEO expert in Los Angeles, make sure that they provide you with regularly reports.


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