3 Ways Social Media Has Improved the Tourism Industry

The way we communicate today is a lot different than it was just a couple decades ago. We spend less time talking and more time texting. This is done using smartphones and computers, particularly through social media networks. Social media has definitely impacted various areas of our lives, such as how we group up with friends, keep in touch with family and share moments of our lives. You can imagine how it has impacted various businesses. A lot of people use social networks to look up companies before doing business with them. So your brand page will directly affect your sales. If you have a tourism company in Los Angeles, then your social media marketing has likely changed your business in a number of ways.

Here are some of the ways we’ve found social networks changed the tourism industry.

Social Sites Are Used for Research

Travelers today are using social media to find information on everything including hotels, rental car companies, airlines and destinations. Majority of the planning is being done on these networks. Nearly 90 percent of millennials base their travel plans on posts made by their fellow peers. If your brand is on social media, make sure you have quality content posted on your page. You can work with SEO companies to assist with creating pieces designed specifically for your audience.

Social Sharing is at an All Time High

Think of all the photos being shared across social media. There are literally millions of photos being shared on these platforms each and every day. Travelers are just the same. They’re posting up photos and videos captured during their adventures. These images are then tagged by the destination, company and brands associated with the content. This can mean great things for your brand if you can get your customers to share meaningful content with others. You can encourage this by creating a hashtag for your audience to share. Consider teaming up with an SEO services company to strategize campaigns promoting user engagement.

Customer Service is Done On Social

Millennials rarely use their phone to talk, so why would they contact your customer service department? Instead they head straight to your social profiles to ask questions. This is another reason why tourism companies in Los Angeles need to be marketing on social media. It’s important to be consistent in replying to messages quickly or suffer the consequences.

There’s a lot happening in social media that calls for tourism companies in Los Angeles to rethink their marketing strategies. Identify how you can maximize your potential and increase your revenue.


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