Redesigning Your Website? Here’s an Action Plan

Giving your website a makeover can help your business branding and reputation. Times change, which may require updates to your core design. For instance, if you don’t already have a responsive design implemented, then this calls for an immediate redo. Also, you may find that a different layout could help attract more traffic and get them to stay longer. A professional SEO service provider can analyze your site and determine what needs to be done.

There are two parts to every web design – the human aspect and the search engine optimization aspect. The design of your website should appeal to your audience on whatever device they’re using, and also help to rank your site in search engines. You can find an SEO agency that offers a professional design service.

The action plan they will help you put together may look a little something like this.

Design a Client-Focused Strategy

What content does your particular audience want to see when they first enter your site? What content do they view and share the most? It’s essential to organize your layout and content in a way that will appease your audience. Hopefully, you have been collecting analytics data to help your SEO agency fine-tune your new site design.

Mobile-Friendliness is Key

Any design you implement should be responsive, so anyone can view it using any device. Not only will this better accommodate your target audience, but it will also appeal to Google. Sites that are mobile-friendly tend to be ranked higher and those that aren’t are somewhat banished to the badlands (the bottom of the ranks).

Don’t Complicate the Navigation

Some brands get carried away with designing their site, which only complicates things for the visitor. Make sure the navigation is no-brainer, so visitors can find everything they want. It’s a good idea to replicate the navigation of other sites in your industry, so users will already be familiar with your concept.

Implement Analytics Tracking

A professional SEO service can be obtained to set up the tracking on your website. They will also be useful in analyzing the data being collected. This is important to do, so you can identify pitfalls in your content. It will help determine which pages have the highest bounce rate and conversion rates. One of the best free tools out there is Google Analytics, which tracks everything and allows you to create campaigns.

Place Calls-to-Action throughout the Site

Every page should have a call-to-action, so visitors know what they should do next. This can help lower bounce rates and boost conversion rates. There are strategic places you can put your call-to-action, such as above the fold and at the end of the page. Make sure to include a link to the page where they can complete your call to action. This can be a product page, sign-up form or a video. Just don’t leave your customers guessing because they may just end up deciding to leave your site.

Ensure there’s Brand Alignment

Your entire site should have a consistent voice, tone and design that resonates with your brand. When customers and prospects come to your site, they should feel like they are in an extension of your company. You can do this by choosing a color palette that matches your brand colors and using the same voice throughout all your content (marketing collateral and online posts).

Sometimes, seeking out business development consulting can help you align your online and offline efforts. Consider this when you decide to brand or rebrand your company using the web. Once you have an idea of what path you want to take, hire a professional SEO service provider to put your business on the map. A company that offers management of PPC campaigns can also help give your website a boost in traffic.


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