Are these Mistakes Hurting Your Video Marketing Campaigns?

Online video consumption is at an all-time high. It almost seems consumers would rather watch their content than read it. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should fore go writing blogs and articles, but instead should incorporate video marketing into your overall content strategy. Doing so will enable you to reach more people faster and potentially increase your conversion rates and sales. An internet marketing agency can be hired to assist with putting together a sound video marketing strategy.

This will also help prevent you from making the following common mistakes.

Doing Too Much Hard Selling

No one wants to click on a video that’s an extended commercial. They want content that’s valuable or entertaining even. So if your videos revolve around heavy promotion of your products and services, then it will undoubtedly turn viewers off. This will render your video marketing efforts pointless and may even do more harm than good for your brand image.

If you want to showcase your products or services, then present it in a problem-solution scenario, then demonstrate the product or service in action.

Your Videos Are Randomly Published

All of your video content should be within an organized campaign. This doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous with your topics and publishings, but it definitely needs to fit within your campaign and move you towards a common goal. Also, rather than publishing lengthy in-depth videos, you should focus on breaking it up into bite-sized content. For instance, you can break up your 20 minute video into 10 two minute pieces.

Your Title and SEO Sucks

The first thing people see is the title of your video. This will help them to determine whether or not it’s worth clicking on the content to watch it. So if your titles are irrelevant or uninteresting, then your titles will fail your video campaign every time. Also, tags and keywords should be used to help users find your video using the search feature. An internet marketing agency can help improve the SEO of your company’s video content to improve organic traffic.

You’re Not Telling Stories About People

There’s a reason why great testimonials can increase the marketing of a business. They tell great stories of the people using the products or services. If you focus on the products and services instead, then your video will feel like an infomercial. Try to incorporate stories into your content to draw in viewers. If you can do that well, then people will seek more info about your products and services on their own. Just make sure your SEO game is tight, so users can find your company website in Google’s search engine results.

Choosing the Wrong Style for Your Videos

What determines whether a video is well-crafted? It’s the quality of the video, the content of the video and the style of the video. If any of these are flawed, then you will have issues with getting views. It doesn’t matter how long or short your video is, if it doesn’t have an essence that resonates with your brand, then it will come off as unauthentic. So be wary about the style you choose – it should help to enhance your brand messaging and connect with your target customer.

Not Incorporating Social Media Marketing

You can’t publish content on your site or even on YouTube and expect the right people to find it. You have to do more leg work to gain a lot of views. This includes implementing social media marketing into your strategy. You can use various platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Just make sure you’re uploading your videos to the platforms natively, versus copying and pasting the YouTube video link in the post. This way, people can view it from the platform, instead of being taken to YouTube. Data shows, native videos get twice the views.

Your Videos Are Way Too Long

Remember, today’s online users have shorter attention spans, not because they’re dumber, but because their attention is consistently being diverted. The internet is filled with conversations, articles, videos and products, which keeps users busy and somewhat distracted. To cater to this, you need to create videos that are shorter and engaging. This can be tricky, so it’s best to have an internet marketing agency that’s experienced in this arena on your side.


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