The Number One Currency that Dictates Your Marketing Success

In marketing, money isn’t the only currency that makes the world go round. You have user engagement, clicks, backlinks and a variety of other highly important tools and metrics that help your brand. But when it comes to the top currency that every company needs, these don’t come close. In fact, the top currency can help boost the aforementioned techniques. And if you want to use this currency correctly, you should bring aboard an SEO company from Los Angeles.

So what’s this number one currency we speak of? Trust. It seems like something so simple, but without it, your business goes down the drain. There’s no amount of marketing your can do to save your brand once you lose the trust of your customers and prospects. And if you never had it, your startup will suffer from a failure to launch.

Local SEO companies have a way with building strategies to accommodate branding. This includes creating content that helps to instill trust. There are various ways you can start building this important tool, but first let’s delve deeper into determining why trust building is so crucial.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Building Trust

Businesses of the past used various tactics to gain the trust of their target audience. One of the top ways to do this was to use experts in their ads. This is why you would see copy that points out a fact that is backed by “9 out of 10 doctors” or “9 out of 10 CEOs”, etc. How do you think the tobacco companies got so many people to start smoking? They asserted that their products were backed by physicians, saying it was safe for use. Obviously, this was a marketing ploy, which you want to stay away from in today’s consumer savvy world.

Today, you must be honest, genuine and transparent. This can be difficult for a lot of brands, but it’s essential to get people to identify with your brand. Online reputation management services are frequently used for brand building.

Building Compelling Content is Key

One way to help build trust with your audience is to create content that resonates with them. Your pieces should speak on topics they care about and offer insight and solutions to their most pressing concerns and problems. It’s all about boosting your authority. Simply owning a business doesn’t give you that status, so you have to really work for it by sharing your expertise. Doing this will increase the sharability of your content, bringing forth more traffic to your content and site.

Go with Longer Posts Over Shorter Pieces

Research shows that longer content fares much better than short pieces. It seems the lengthier pieces offers more to the reader and builds a connection with them (when written correctly). If you’re writing about topics your audience cares for, then they’ll want to read more of what you have to say. Plus, Google really likes juicier content, which can help boost your ranking.

In a study done by serpIQ, the average word count is 2,032 words for content in the top 10, first page of Google.

Creating Trustworthy Content

There are various ways you can ensure your content is deemed trustworthy. You can work together with an SEO company in Los Angeles to build a content marketing strategy. The first step is to determine who your target market is. You can’t write content without knowing who you’re talking to. Next, find a niche for yourself to help set your brand apart. You can do research to see which pieces of content are performing well on your competitors’ sites. This will provide insight into what’s trending and what’s not. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to find this out.

Online reputation management of your brand is a key factor, if you feel you lack the skills or time then consider hiring an SEO company in Los Angeles that provides this service.


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