Tips for Building a Circle of Micro-Influencers

Increasing visibility of your brand can be done more efficiently when you have the help of those with large followings. Industry influencers are connecting with millions of people, using various types of social media networks. The issue with getting their attention is that everyone is vying for it. Every brand in the industry is spamming their inbox with promotions and introductions. So you can imagine how difficult it would be to stand out. Instead, SEO companies in Los Angeles recommend being savvy about your influencer outreach techniques.

Rather than going after the big guys with millions of followers, you should seek out those with less than a million followers. These are known as mico-influencers, but don’t let the name fool you. Building relationships with these individuals can potentially boost your followers by the thousands. When you’re a new or struggling brand, you can use any help you can get. Speaking of, there are SEO services in Los Angeles that can provide assistance in connecting with micro-influencers in your industry.

There was a study done by Markerly back in 2016, which analyzed follower engagement vs influencer size. The team compared larger influencers with celebrity statuses to micro-influencers. It was found that influencers with the smaller followings between 10,000 and 100,000 had more success in getting their audience to engage. This gave them a higher like rate of 2.37 percent, compared to 1.66 percent for the celebrity influencers.

Hopefully, that gives you hope enough to reach out to industry movers and shakers with smaller followings. Here’s how you can work together with an SEO company in Los Angeles to build a circle of mini influencers.

Are their Followers Relevant?

This is an important question to ask when you’re considering the various profiles on social media. You don’t want to reach out to anyone who doesn’t have a following that’s predominantly made up of your target market. It doesn’t make sense to connect with someone with hundreds of thousands of followers who wouldn’t be interested in your product or service.

How Engaging is their Audience?

Another issue a lot of brands have is teaming up with industry celebrities who don’t really have much influence on their followers. You can tell by looking at the amount of user engagement on their accounts. If people aren’t liking, commenting on, sharing and clicking on their posts, then they’re a waste of time.

Join a Network of Micro-Influencers

It’s a good idea to join a network of industry mavens – why? Because it connects you with multiple experts who can potentially vouch for your brand. The more backing you have, the higher your social proof, which is essential for gaining the trust of prospective buyers.

Reaching out to industry movers is key to building recognition for your brand. Team up with an SEO company in Los Angeles to find out the best way to get your outreach strategy started.


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