What’s in Store for Digital Marketing in 2017?

Brands that are using the web as their marketing playground know how important it is to stay abreast of industry trends. We saw how quickly the internet marketing landscape can change with just one single search engine update (Penguin and Panda, anyone?). Changes in search engine algorithms and user habits play a major role in your marketing strategy. This is exactly what SEO agencies in Los Angeles do – they stay on top of digital marketing trends.

Having experts on your team is always recommended when you’re trying to enhance your online marketing. It’s also recommended that business owners gain some type of understanding of the current and emerging trends. So here is a quick look at what we’re seeing happen in this arena.

Online Marketing will Increase Exponentially

Everything is online – businesses, communications, ecommerce and social media. So it’s not too far fetched to say that marketing on the web is the wave of the future. This isn’t just a trend, it’s a shift into the digital realm. This big push has everything to do with mobile users. Local SEO companies are seeing this and are already updating their strategies to accommodate mobile devices.

 Personalizing Your Marketing is Key

The internet is accessible to everyone, including businesses of all sizes. This means more competition for you. The best way to differentiate your brand from the rest is to personalize the experience customers have with your company. You need to improve your customer service, shifting it to online platforms, like chatbots and social media. You can hire social media marketing companies in Los Angeles to manage your accounts.

Becoming an Industry Expert will Be Necessary

Consumers expect brands to be experts in their field. The best way to showcase your expertise is through content. Your content plays a big role in building trust with customers and prospects. Your credibility will help boost your company, so it’s important to strategize how to create and distribute expert content. This can be developed with the guidance of an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Written Content is Only One Form

Text content will continue to be a viable way to connect with your audience. However, you don’t want to overlook the power of video. While this won’t replace blog posts any time soon, it will help to give your brand edge. You can use YouTube and even Facebook Live to help generate buzz and a larger following for your brand.

If you need help with putting together an online marketing plan, you should reach out to an SEO agency that can put your Los Angeles business in the SERPs.


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