Grow Your Circle of Influence Using Twitter

It’s very important to have the right people in your circle of influence. Knowing the right people can help you expand your business and brand. It’s how some of the best companies are still around today. The idea is to use the influence of others to reach larger audiences within your target market. Once your brand gains traction and recognition, you won’t need these influencers anymore. However, you should still want them around, since you can always reciprocate services. The key to growing your circle of influence is through proper management of your online reputation.

f you’re a newcomer in the industry, you can expect it to be much more difficult to connect with those who have authority. You’ll have to work your way up the food chain using a strategy put together by online reputation management services. Social media and content marketing are two of the most effective methods for influencer outreach efforts.

The following shows you how social media can be used to connect with these individuals.

Identifying Profiles to Follow

If you’ve been in your industry for a while, you may already have a few people in mind that you’d like to connect with. Twitter continues to be a great platform that suits this purpose. You can type in their name on Twitter to locate their profile. Otherwise, if you don’t really know anyone, you can utilize tools, such as, or Twellowhood to find individuals in your industry. You can search for folks based on their interests. Make sure to use the list feature on Twitter, so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the posts from the profiles you’re following.

Start Engaging with those You Follow

You want to treat your online relationships as you would one in real life. Slowly build it in a natural way, rather than coming right out and asking for favors from the jump. Instead, try sharing their content, making comments on their posts and liking their tweets. If you’re consistent enough, you may get their attention. If they’re about to have a public event, engage with them on Twitter beforehand and maybe you’ll end up with a face-to-face meeting.

Be Consistent with Engagement

You don’t want to engage with people when you need something from them. These are humans and they will sniff out a phony and fake fairly quickly. Especially with all of the phonies and fakes out there on the web. Show you’re genuine by being a consistent and long-time follower who engages with content in a thoughtful way. Don’t just click like and share – add a comment that showcases your stance on the topic.

It’s very important for your Los Angeles business to have an online reputation management strategy. Connect with experts to see how you can start building online relationships that can one day boost your brand.


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