Ways You Can Market to Millennials More Effectively

Most brands today have to market to millennials because majority of their customer base is of this generation. It seems to be a harder hurdle to jump over for businesses owned by baby boomers and other older generations. With a bit of research and assistance from an SEO agency, you can learn the ropes and successfully draw in this peculiar crowd of consumers.

There are key differences in how you market to a millennial than you would someone who’s older. For one, this generation is glued to their mobile devices, which makes online and mobile marketing crucial. But simply marketing online isn’t enough. We find that millennials’ online habits aren’t the same as those of other generations. Again, careful research and analysis is necessary. This can be performed by an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

To help you better understand this audience, we put together a quick stat guide. Here’s what you need to know about millennials to make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Mobile and Desktop Are Unanimous

Millennials are expecting to see the same information on mobile as they would on a desktop computer. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have yet to cross over 100 percent to a responsive website design. It’s important that data be displayed the same way across various devices. According to stats, 66 percent of those under 35 believe the information shown on their smartphone and tablet is the same as desktops. This goes for data regarding flights and hotels. Those over 35 years old, however, don’t feel so confident. About 43 percent believe mobile data is the same as desktop data.

Bookings and Shopping is Done on Mobile

Majority of millennials are using their mobile devices to book stays in hotels. Google has collected data that shows about 64 percent of this group booking a hotel room after making Google search for one. Fifty-eight percent of those over 35 years old don’t like booking rooms using mobile. On that note, you should ensure your website is equipped with a responsive design. You can hire a web design expert in Los Angeles if you don’t.

Hard Selling will Not Work

The ideas of hard selling are out the window, or at least it should be, when it comes to generation Y. Today’s youth is accustomed to sharing on social media, which makes this the ideal realm for advertising. Commercials, radio ads and billboards aren’t effective for this crowd. You’re better off creating a social media marketing plan with an SEO agency’s help. Teaming up with industry influencers can also help build recognition and trust for your brand. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can put together an influencer outreach strategy.

It’s All About Social Proof

Online reviews is key to gaining the trust of consumers. Data collected from Hubspot shows 84 percent of customers browse online to find information before making a purchase. About 70 percent look for online reviews before buying. This style of shopping as paved the way for generation Y, who relies heavily on web searches. Today’s consumers aren’t looking for the cheapest or best product. They are looking for a brand they can be loyal to, based on their authority and reviews. Social media is one of the best platforms for posting reviews, so it’s important to have a presence here. According to Leadscon, 65 percent of those under 35 years old like and follow brands on Twitter and Facebook.

The puzzle isn’t really that difficult once you start to see all the pieces put together. With expert help, you can really formulate a strategy that will adequately cater to this market.


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