How Your Employees Can Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Your employees are one of the most important assets you have in your company. They help make your business what it is, which is why they’re the perfect candidates for your branding strategy. Social media is all about being human and engaging with others. Your employees very likely have their own active social media accounts, which is a form of personal branding that can be leveraged for your branding. Using them as part of your own social media marketing strategy is a great idea for many reasons. Combine their social habits with that of professional social media marketing services and you may have yourself a winning campaign.

Allowing your employees to act as advocates for your brand is tricky business. You need to ensure you have policies in place to ensure certain lines aren’t crossed that can tarnish your brand identity. They must understand what can be said and done on these channels on behalf of your company, so your image remains intact.

Here are some of the reasons why allowing your employees to be on social media can help your business.

It Boosts Productivity

Social media is like the water cooler room – it’s a place where they can hang out a little, mingle and take a breather right before getting back to work. The only difference here is their engagement on social media is actually boosting the visibility of your brand. So it’s a win-win scenario. Social media companies can help you put together a guide for your employees to follow when interacting on social networks.

Keep Customers & Prospects In-the-Know

Your employees can quickly relay news and information in regards to your company. Just look at the employees at gaming companies – they leak information about upcoming release dates and patch info that followers are dying to know. This can help keep customers tuned into your employee’s accounts, where they can stay connected with your brand. Your employees can also relay info about trending topics and learn of the latest trends that your brand can capitalize on.

Harness a Powerful Networking Tool

Your customers aren’t the only relationships you should be building. Industry movers and shakers should also be on your radar. Social media is by far one of the best ways to connect with them. Give your account managers, salespeople and other employees the opportunity to connect with these individuals, and you can potentially expand your brand’s reach.

The key to making this strategy work is to hire social media marketing services from a reputable company in Los Angeles. This way, you have a strategy that is well-thought-out and likely to be successful.


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