3 Ways to Prospects into Turn Loyal Customers

Showing customers your brand is genuinely interested in their business is vital to gaining their trust. One reason companies have a hard time getting new leads and retaining their customers is because they ignore them. You have to have a strategy that consists of building relationships, so that you can attract business and keep them coming back. Loyal customers are what every company needs to truly thrive. One way of getting here is through diligent online reputation management.

If you’re getting new leads and even converting them into buyers, but fail to retain them, then try using the following tips.

Answer their Call – Every Time

This goes for all methods of contact – phone, email and even social media. Wherever consumers are reaching out to your brand, you need to answer. Make sure your customer service is set up to take calls. If you can’t cater to your online profiles, hire a professional to do it for you. The more responsive you are, the better. Just make sure all interactions are kept professional, so you don’t end up with public backlash on social media or review sites. When this happens, you should have an online reputation management services already in place to put out the flames.

Pay Attention to the Conversation

What are customers saying about your products and services? What concerns are they expressing? Pay attention to what they’re saying before attempting to respond. This is an issue a lot of salespeople have – they have their own agenda to sell the highest-priced product, without caring for the needs and desires of each customer. If you pay attention to what they’re saying directly and indirectly, then you will be in a better position to help them. If you can do that, then this will show you genuinely care and not just in it for the money.

Tell them You Want their Business

If you’re in a field where you’re consulting and talking with customers throughout the day, don’t be shy to tell them you want their business. Surprisingly, customers will take their business elsewhere if you don’t show interest. This is important in every sector, food service, B2B and real estate. You don’t have to flat out tell them – instead, show your interest and give them all your attention. Ask questions and provide feedback and advice whenever plausible. The more engaged you are, the more likely you will earn their business. These rules apply whether you’re engaging with customers online or offline.

If you feel your business needs more loyal customers, then it’s time to strategize. Consult with an online reputation management agency in Los Angeles to learn more about building customer loyalty.


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