5 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook Ads

One of the newest and biggest trends surrounding pay-per-click ad marketing is social media ads. Particularly, Facebook paid ads. This online tool is helping brands like yours to enhance their reach and expand their customer base without breaking the bank. You can control your daily budget and start campaigns with as little as $5. So no excuse not to give it a shot. Local SEO companies are already incorporating paid social ads into their line of services. So if you need help with your campaigns, experts can be hired to manage them for you.

It’s also good to know the following facts about advertisements on Facebook.

Cost Per Click Rates Rise During Certain Seasons

If you’re in the ecommerce business and need your ads posted throughout the holiday season, then expect to pay higher rates. This is especially so during X-mas and Black Friday when thousands of other businesses are bidding on the same target. You can maximize your potential to boost sales during these seasons using the help of local SEO companies.

Unique Strategies Are Needed for Facebook Placements

Marketers are able to now display their ads across all devices automatically. But rather than creating just one ad, you should develop multiple sets. Remember, the display requirements and customer behaviors across devices may differ. Having ad sets will ensure your ads perform optimally on whichever device they are designed for. A PPC management company can be hired to help with modifying your Facebook ad campaigns.

There’s a Click to Chat Ad Feature

This is a slightly underused feature on Facebook. The click to chat is a good idea for campaigns with customers who have already visited your site and/or are familiar with your brand. Your ads can be clicked on to open a chat window to speak with your customer service or sales team. You can hire an SEO company in Los Angeles to develop ads to promote users to chat with your brand.

Facebook Prefers More Images and Less Text

If you can create ads with no text, you can boost your delivery rate substantially. Facebook seems to be a bit biased when it comes to text and imagery. Ads with too much text and not enough images tend to get pushed to the bottom of the distribution chain.

You Can Boost Reach with Pre-Selected Similar Teach Targeting

On Facebook, you don’t have to limit yourself to just your targeted customers. You can select the option to have your ads also seen by similar audiences. This will improve your reach and possibly your conversion rates. This is done using Facebook’s data rather than your own.

The services offered through local SEO companies can greatly impact the outcome of your Facebook ad campaigns. So don’t go it alone!


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