Care About Your Brand? Don’t Make these Mistakes!

Everyone makes mistakes – it’s normal because we’re human. The important thing is that we try to learn from these mistakes, so we don’t continue making them. There’s a lot we can learn from the mistakes we make in marketing, which can help improve your strategies ten-fold. But even better, it’s a good idea to learn from the mistakes that others have made. This is especially so when it comes to online reputation management – if you get your branding wrong, then you face losing loyal customers and followers.

Whether you’re just starting out with your business marketing or been around for years, you should avoid making the following mistakes.

Not Responding to Feedback and Complaints

The internet offers two-way communication, so use it to your advantage. Whenever someone posts feedback about your organization, asks questions or even complains, you should respond quickly. This shows two things –you’re responsive and actually care. Replying to complaints also shows you’re willing to own up to your mistakes and make amends. Never lash out, even if you feel the complaints are illegitimate.

Put Your Profits Front and Center

The online reputation management of your Los Angeles business needs to be centered around your customers. Some believe branding is about the company and its products/services, but the most successful have a customer-oriented strategy. Just make sure you’re delivering relevant, quality content and engaging with users and the profits will come on its own. No need to continuously promote yourself to your audience. This will only turn them off.

Waiting for the Perfect Time

There’s nothing perfect about branding and marketing, so it’s not a waiting game you want to play. Now is always a great time to start marketing your business and its products and services. Look at how some of the best did it – Bill Gates and Warren Buffet started their businesses while still working mediocre jobs. If you’re ready to jumpstart your business, then don’t let anything hold you back.

Trying to Manage Your Brand On Your Own

That’s the entrepreneurial spirit in you talking, but it’s one of the worst ideas. In order to properly brand your business, it takes careful planning and implementation. You have enough on your plate as is with running a business. Leave the branding of your Los Angeles based business to a reputable SEO company that offer online reputation management services. There’s a lot that needs to be done, so trying to do it all single-handedly will only result in your business and/or your brand tanking.


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