4 Signs Your Marketing Methods Are Annoying

There’s nothing online consumers hate more than to be advertised to. They feel the need to be treated as people with great intellect. This is why they respond better to marketing content that provides useful insight. Consumers then use the insight collected to make an informed decision to purchase a product or service. The sooner you iron out this wrinkle in your marketing, the better. An SEO agency can also help identify what you’re doing wrong with your strategy.

Pop-ups ads, excessive promotional language and irrelevant information are sure ways to aggravate your audience. Here’s a quick overview of the different signs showing your marketing methods are plain out annoying. This is something you can easily avoid when you’re using the services of an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

The User’s Experience is Being Interrupted

Ever been to a website that contained great information, only to be bombarded with a full-screen pop-up? Very annoying, right? Don’t do this to your visitors, knowing how it makes them feel. We understand you want to promote your upcoming e-book or want more subscribers to your newsletter, but there has to be limits.

There are only two possible outcomes for your landing page – people will stay or bounce away. Focus on enticing them with engaging, relevant content. Not cleverly designed pop-up ads.

Buying Email Lists and Spamming Them

The CAN-SPAM Act is real and should be complied with. Don’t be like the bottom feeders of the industry who send out emails to random addresses, hoping to get someone to click on them. Your better off buying lists that are highly-targeted, so there’s a higher chance of them becoming real subscribers. Better yet, you should focus on building your email lists organically. Try using the double opt-in list to ensure they are committed.

Creating Gated Content

All of your content should be open-access to the public. There are some sites that require you to sign-up or require a social media share in order to read the content. Don’t make the assumption that your content is so interesting that people will perform tasks in exchange for access.

Saying a Webinar is Live (When it Really Isn’t)

One quick way to lose brand trust is to lie to followers. There’s nothing wrong with pre-recorded webinars, but there is an issue with claiming that they’re live. Don’t insult the intelligence of your followers for the sake of getting more views.

If you want to remain on the good side of your audience, then do right by them. Hire a great SEO agency to help you with your online marketing strategy.


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