These SEO Trends Will Stick Around for 2017 and Beyond

Search engine optimization continues to flourish for those who properly implement it. The brands who ignore this highly useful tool have to work harder to maintain their online presence. Some have gone as far as to say social media marketing is more important than SEO. But using one without the other, these days, is ludicrous. The way professional SEO services combine the two methods prove how significant of a role both play in your online marketing strategy.

The key to ensuring your Search Engine Optimization strategy is on par in 2017 is to implement the right tools and techniques. We find the following SEO trends are going to stick around for the long haul, so consider implementing them into your own strategy.

Using HTTPS is a Must

If you haven’t already crossed over to a hypertext transfer protocol secure website, then it’s time to reconsider. This is what helps to protect data that’s exchanged through your website. This is especially important for brands in the ecommerce industry. A lot more people are savvy about protecting their data online, and will opt to shop with businesses that have an HTTPS website. You can hire a web design expert in Los Angeles to switch your site to a more secure status.

Search Engines Still Love Long-Form Content

We’ve seen a large increase in long-form content over the past few years because of the love Google shows it. What is long-form content? This includes pieces that extend past 2,000 words. That’s a whole lot of writing, which is why it’s so important for brands to develop expertise in their niche. The more you know, the easier it will be to create guides, how-tos and other informative pieces. The reason long-form is so well-liked is because it tends to add a lot of value to the reader.

A Large Chunk of Referral Traffic Will Stem from Social Media

There’s a reason why social media marketing is such a big deal. It’s the key to increasing referral traffic to your website. It offers you more control over your branding and even boosts your Search Engine Optimization. People are now using social media similarly to how they use Google – to find products and services. They’re also using it to reach out to brands for customer support. The more active you are on social media in 2017, the better. A professional SEO service can be used to manage your social media marketing campaigns.

Voice Search Will Expand Significantly

As more people opt for devices like Echo and Google Home, the more technologies and services will grow. You can expect to see new features added this year, possibly the capability of ordering pizza or hailing down a taxi on Uber. It will be quite interesting to see what this will turn into, so be sure your SEO is on point. You can try consulting with a business development expert to see how you can better prepare your business for this emerging trend.

User Experience Could Be the Be All and End All

Offering your visitors with a great user experience is key to your online marketing strategy. It’s what will help keep visitors on your site and boost its shareability, so more users will come. If your site is glitchy, slow, hard to read or navigate, then your Search Engine Optimization will suffer, and so will your brand reputation.

Keep Mobile Users at the Forefront

Mobile users should be at the heart of all your online marketing strategies. More people are using mobile devices than laptops and desktops, and this trend is only going to grow. Make sure your website and content are designed in a way that suits smaller screens. You can hire a web design professional from an SEO service in Los Angeles to ensure this.


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