Will You Join these Online Marketing Trends in 2017?

Staying abreast of the latest and greatest online marketing trends is key if you really want your brand to take off in 2017. But what tactics and methods should you implement this go around? As always, online marketing is quickly evolving, which means you need to adapt to the trends or risk falling behind your competition. You can guarantee your competitors are taking advantage of any and every opportunity they can. This includes riding the waves of emerging trends to see what will last and what will crash. If you’re not sure of which trends to try, then consult with professional SEO services that are in the know.

There are certain online marketing trends that won’t die anytime soon, and that includes email marketing and search engine optimization. However, there are some newer trends out there that you should definitely check out, such as the following.

Collaborating with Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is a big deal in today’s internet marketing. It’s to the point where professional SEO companies have added services revolving around influencer outreach. The only problem is getting the attention of these superstars, which can be downright impossible at times. The only other option is to lower your expectations. Instead, you should reach out to micro-influencers. These individuals have smaller followings, but are equally effective in generating user engagement from targeted audiences.

Producing More Live Video Content

If you haven’t already started engaging in live video, then you’re really falling behind. This has quickly grown into a popular source of entertainment and information for consumers. This method allows you direct and near-instant contact with your target customers. It enables your customers and prospects to get a sneak peak into your life or business. You can discuss everything from special events, promotions, new products and upcoming events.

Using Paid Social Media Ads

Everyone and their mother is on social media, so it makes sense to advertise there. This is especially important if Facebook is a major part of your marketing strategy. Many brands are now complaining that their posts aren’t reaching the amount of people it once did. This is due to changes in the platforms algorithm that limits this type of exposure. This is an obvious push to get brands to boost their posts for a fee. You can try consulting with a business development consultant to see if this is right for you.

There’s a lot happening already in 2017 and we can expect lots more to come. You should begin forming a strategy with the help of a professional SEO service. They can ensure your web design, SEO and content marketing strategies are up to par with other competitors throughout Los Angeles.


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