Trouble Growing Your Email List? Try these Tips!

There’s nothing like having a list of subscribers who are eager to hear from your brand. Email campaigns are the bread and butter for many businesses, large and small, but many others still fail to use it. Then there are others who would like to, but aren’t knowledgeable about growing a list. If you’re in this same situation, then it’s recommended that you consult with professional SEO services.

They will more than likely incorporate the following methods to increase your list of email subscribers.

Implement Sign-Up Forms On Your Blog

If you have an interesting blog or even an informative website, you can set up a sign-up form. The key thing to remember in marketing is that you must include a call to action to get people to do what you want. If you don’t ask, then most will leave your site without buying or signing up to anything. These forms can sit on the side of your site or pop up after a certain amount of time.

Include Your Sign Up CTA On Order Pages

Once customers complete an order on your site, ask them to sign up to your email newsletter. Let them know it’s free and that they can opt out at any time. This way, they won’t feel obligated. Another option is to include a check box at the bottom of the purchase screen asking for permission to send the customer email communications. Make it known that their emails will be kept safe and will not be used to spam them.

Give Away Free Things

It’s hard for consumers to turn down a free offer, which is why it works so well. You can use social media to help build awareness of your free giveaway. This doesn’t have to be a tangible gift either – a free downloadable e-book, checklist or guide can also be used. There are various professional SEO services in Los Angeles that can create free content you can use as bait.

Ensure You’re Providing Valuable Content

If the content you produce doesn’t add value to the lives of your customers, then they will ignore it. Your content is key for getting people to sign up for your email campaign. So if your content isn’t great on your site, then what makes them think your email newsletter will be? You can hire a professional from an SEO agency that offers content writing services to create pieces for your blog and emails.


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