Want to Generate New Leads? Try these Simple Hacks

Lead generation can be a real pain, especially when you’re stuck using old-fashioned methods, like printing flyers and sending out mailers. Why go through these mundane tasks that are ineffective majority of the time? The number one place to generate leads isn’t on windshields and mailboxes. It’s all about the internet. Content marketing, SEO and social media are all great for both local and non-local companies.

There are a variety of ways you can start generating new leads using the world wide web. Let’s review some of these ideas.

Write e-Book that’s Free to Download

This continues to be an efficient way to get more people to sign up to your newsletters and email campaigns. People love free stuff, even in the B2B market. Everyone likes to be informed, so you just need to find the topic your audience cares about. These e-Books shouldn’t promote any of your products or services (you can include links in the end, though). Just focus on delivering meaningful, fact-driven content.

Start a Blog

Having a space on your website where you can consistently write can really help boost your traffic. To make this an effective lead-generation tool, you should include a nearby sign-up box for your newsletter. The blog is where people will come regularly to check out your content, so if your topics are great then more and more people will come. You can hire a web design expert from local SEO companies in Los Angeles to build the blog for you.

Create an Engaging Newsletter

You need to give visitors a good reason to sign up for your email campaign. This could be to obtain insider industry news, hot deals, useful tips or tutorials, to name a few. You will need to research your target market a bit to determine what need they have that you can fill.

Beef Up Your Search Engine Optimization

Google, Yahoo and Bing offer organic lead generation to sites that properly implement SEO methods. It’s a good idea to work with local SEO companies to ensure you’re doing everything within the rules of search engines, so you don’t end up getting penalized. With the assistance of an expert, you can increase your rank and traffic as quickly as possible.

Post On Social Media

Don’t just open profiles on social media, make sure you’re posting to them regularly. This can be content from your blog or curated from elsewhere. Also, be selective about the platforms you use. In other words, make sure your audience actually frequents the social sites you’re using.

If you need help with the development a lead generation strategy for your business, then consider consulting with a professional internet marketer.


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