Different Ways to Monetize Your Website with Ad Revenue

Savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for different ways to make money online. The internet has helped various small business owners amplify their revenue. Owning a website and blog is one of the best ways to generate recurring income, but we can’t say it doesn’t require great effort. It also takes a lot of time to start generating consistent traffic. An SEO agency can be hired to identify the best ways to set up your site for generating ad revenue.

The key is to make your site attractive to prospective companies who may want to buy ad space on your website. In order to do this successfully, you’re going to need to find a niche that you can generate tons of traffic from. However, if you’re still getting things in order, but would like to start making money as soon as possible, then you can use the following tips provided by SEO agency experts in Los Angeles.

Join an Affiliate Program

You can find companies with affiliate programs that you can join, then start promoting their product on your site. In this case, you will place affiliate links throughout a post or page created specifically for that product. Each time someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you get a cut of the pie. Affiliate links aren’t necessarily ads, but you are advertising their service in exchange for money.

Use Targeted Text Ads

If you have a Google Adsense campaign, then you should start using targeted text ads, which Google generates onto your website. You may have seen these ads along the side or bottom of web pages inside of rectangular boxes. At the top, it says “Ads by Google” and are paid for by companies that are using Google Adwords. Each time someone clicks or views the ad, you earn revenue. An SEO services company can set up your Adsense campaigns for you.

Ask Companies to Advertise On Your Site

Don’t be shy – reaching out to companies that your audience would purchase from is a smart move. Ask them if they’d like to place ads on your web site to attract more customers. Say your website is all about weddings – you could go to businesses like florists, tuxedo boutiques and so on. If the ads are very successful, you can charge more.

These are just some of the quick options you can pursue to begin generating income from your website or blog. It’s a good idea to consult with an SEO agency to determine which options are the best and how to implement them into an advertising strategy.


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