3 Ways You Can Convert More of Your Website Visitors

There’s a lot you can learn from companies that have perfected their customer service. Consumers notice a grave difference between walking through a mattress store and a used car lot. The way you’re approached in either scenario is very different, and in most cases one experience is more desirable over the other. If you’re trying to improve your traffic and sales, then it’s imperative that you focus on the experience you’re offering. Hiring professional SEO services can really help in this case.

Bottom line is, if you can improve the user experience, you can potentially convert your traffic into customers. And if your product or service is on par, then those customers will write positive reviews. Get enough of these and you can really boost your revenue and traffic.

Here are the key takeaways collected from brands that have excelled in customer service.

Ensure Visitors Know You are there to Assist them

There’s no better way to do this than with a live chat feature. You can also provide a forum on your site that is tended to throughout the day to ensure responsiveness. Customers like to know they can ask questions and have their concerns addressed quickly. You’d be surprised to learn how many people will abandon a shopping cart because of a simple question that goes unanswered. An SEO services company can implement a professional chat tool for your site.

Use Video to Showcase Products

Video can be used to your advantage by using them to showcase your products or services. A quick demonstration can really help customers decide on whether or not to make the purchase. Just make sure pop-up videos aren’t on auto-play, because these can be surprising (but not in a good way). These videos can be placed throughout the site, wherever appropriate. One of the best ways to ensure your video content is up to par is to hire SEO companies that specialize in video marketing.

Use Social Proof to Build Trust

Consumers trust one another because they have nothing to gain or lose. This is why online reviews are so powerful in persuading buyers to make the purchase…or not. Invite customers to leave reviews on your site, then showcase them on the home page or near the checkout to help instill trust. You can also include logos of media you’ve been featured in.

Make sure your site is filled with irresistible calls to action. This way, people know exactly what to do and when. Professional SEO services can audit your site to determine how to best implement CTAs.


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