What Are the Basics of Branding a Business?

An effective branding strategy is crucial, whether you have a large or small business. This goes for companies that operate in various sectors, including retail, B2B and hospitatlity. Your online reputation management plays a major role in how your customers and prospects perceive you, which can directly affect your bottom line. If your reputation is poor or non-existent, so shall your revenue be poor and non-existent, and vice versa.

One way to look at branding is as a promise to your prospects. Your branding tells customers what to expect from your products, services and business overall. It also separates you from your competition. There’s no one way to create a brand, which is actually the upside to the whole ordeal. You get to develop a persona that matches you and your company.

For instance, you can depict your brand as an innovative maverick in the industry or one that is low-cost and reliable. How you want to be seen is completely up to you. And hiring an online reputation management service will help ensure this is what consumers see and hear whenever they interact with your brand.

If you’re just getting started building a foundation for your branding, then make sure these things are included.

A Brand Strategy

Branding a company takes consistency and careful planning. You need to determine which venues you’ll use to communicate and deliver your brand messaging to the world. It’s very important to choose  channels that are frequented by your prospective customers.

Clear Definition of Your Brand

The last thing you need is branding that’s all over the place. Make sure the messaging, voice and imagery are clearly defined, so that it creates a persona consumers can relate to. Trust is very important when you’re building your online reputation, so determine how your brand will be defined. What is your mission, what benefits will your products and services offer and which qualities will you associate with your business?

Logo and Voice

The logo for your business will represent your brand for many years, so choose one carefully. The colors and design need to represent your entity in all the right ways. The voice in the content used within your online reputation management strategy must also resonate with your company. This voice can be friendly, authoritative, comedic, down-to-earth, or whatever else that represents your brand’s personality.

If you’re in dire need of assistance with your online reputation management, consider hiring professional services in the Los Angeles area.


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