What You Need to Be Tracking in Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns come with many different moving parts, which can make it difficult to know where your attention should be. If you’re using analytics tools like Google Analytics, then there are a ton of different metrics you can monitor. However, this doesn’t mean that they all hold valuable pieces of information. Your goals will determine what metrics are the most important, which can be identified with the help of a professional from an SEO agency.

There are also certain metrics that are a must-watch, no matter what your goals are. At the end of the day, most brands are looking for increased revenue and traffic. The key to improving your marketing campaign is to pay attention to the variables that generate more leads and conversions. For instance, you may notice that one mailing list responded more than others, while another mailing list generated more new customers with a higher lifetime value. The latter would be a bigger deal because these are the individuals who are going to spend the most on your products or services.

If you currently have an email campaign you are using to generate leads and sales, then there are numerous variables you should be tracking and measuring. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can help you split test your campaigns and track the results. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions you can use to help improve how you track your marketing campaigns.

Your Email Campaigns

Many brands choose to rent email lists from vendors because it’s a quicker way to build up your campaign. If you go this route, you may notice that certain vendors offer higher quality leads, thus giving you better results. This may be due to the vendor having access to more targeted emails. The key is to watch the sales coming in from these lists to determine which lists are yielding the best results, so you can stick with it. Your lists may also reveal things about your campaign that need to be changed, such as targeting a specific age group or income level. Small tweaks can sometimes be enough to turn your campaigns around.

Your Marketing Copy

Testing your copy is essential for pinpointing what helps your content perform the best. An SEO agency can help you test different versions of your copy to find the true winners. Changes in headlines, length and subheads can either add or detract from your sales piece.

The Design of Your Sales Piece

How your sales piece looks can affect how well it performs. For instance, you may notice a better response when you use a magalog or digest form layout. Maybe a two-color piece would fare better than a four-color piece and so on. Experimenting with font sizes, images and layouts is crucial for getting the most out of your campaign.

Your Call to Action

Getting traffic to your content is only half of the job. Now, you have to get them to perform a specific action, whether it’s to download a free eBook, signup for a free newsletter or make a purchase. It’s very important for you to include your call to action strategically inside of your sales piece. If you forget to put one or misplace it, you run the risk of people leaving the page without completing the action you wanted them to. Test different variations of calls to action and locations for them to see what works the best.

Now is always a good time to start improving your marketing campaigns. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of an SEO agency.


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