Designing a Website with an SEO Focus

A beautiful website won’t guarantee great results for your business, especially if no traffic is being driven there. Newcomers oftentimes overlook the value of SEO, when it comes to generating incoming traffic to their site. Your web design is indeed important, but it’s not the be all end all for your online marketing. You need to ensure that the construction of your site is done with a focus on search engine optimization.

One way to ensure this is to have your web design performed by professional SEO services in Los Angeles. There are various factors these experts will consider when incorporating the essential elements to get your site ranked in the search engine page results. Let’s review these SEO-driven factors.

URL Structure

Don’t make the mistake of utilizing URLs that contain weird symbols, a bunch of numbers or that don’t say much about the page it’s tied to. It’s better to have a URL that is static and descriptive. If possible, it should also contain your top keywords. Dashes can be placed in between each word, following the forward slash: i.e.

The Navigation

This too needs to be descriptive and intuitive, so users are able to navigate through your site with ease. Google and other search engines will check for this to ensure your web design is functional and user-friendly. If it isn’t, then your site will be penalized by being pushed further down in the ranks. Your navigation menu should be somewhere visible, such as the top or to the left side of the page.

Responsive Design

Mobile and desktop users need to access your site without performance issues. The only way to ensure this (without developing a separate mobile website, which is ill-advised) is to implement a responsive web design. This simply means that your site will respond to the device of the user, so the content is displayed in the proper size and format. Google cares about mobile-friendliness, so definitely not something you want to overlook.

Social Media Buttons

Google doesn’t include social signals inside of its algorithm, however, it’s been proven that social media engagement can help boost your credibility, reach, authority and awareness. The more people who share your content, the more links you will have pointing to your site. This is what will help to improve your  company’s SEO ranking. Make sure to include share buttons inside of your blog posts and have a social sign-in for the comments section.


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