Tips for Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site for Mobile

Most consumers today are enjoying their shopping experience on mobile devices. These very individuals are going from site to site, expecting the experience to be uniform. It’s a no-brainer that ecommerce sites should be optimized for mobile, but newcomers may not understand this. If your ecommerce site doesn’t deliver an outstanding shopping experience, you risk ruining your reputation and losing money. At this point, you’d need an internet marketing agency to revive your website and image.

Those who are new to the game will find the following content marketing and web design tips to be helpful whether you’re targeting Los Angeles locals or the entire nation.

Use a Responsive Design

This is the most effective way to accommodate anybody who comes to your online shop, no matter what device they’re using. With a responsive web design, the site will detect the type of device and layout in use and will showcase the desktop or mobile version. This finally put an end for the need of mobile-only sites!

Provide an Omnichannel Experience

The great thing about the web is that you can be everywhere your customers are. You can put this to use by providing your customers with a cross-platform experience. For instance, you can email them a discount code they can use at the online checkout. They then perform the actual shopping on their workplace computer, but then complete the purchase using their mobile device at home. This is the trend and it’s working quite well for various businesses in the e-commerce industry.

This is the focus most internet marketing agencies have today. You can try consulting with a business development expert about upgrading to an omnichannel experience.

Design with Your Thumb in Mind

You navigate your smartphone using your thumb, which is the popular device of choice for most. With that said, it’s important to design your web pages so that they accommodate this sometimes large and clumsy digit. Make sure your content isn’t too small, so that visitors aren’t forced to pinch to zoom in. As a rule of thumb, you want to aim for 72 pixels, which is believed to fit most thumbs just right.

Keep Content Clear and Concise

There’s not much space to read tons of content on your smartphone, so don’t waste visitors’ time with overly long pages. Try to keep everything as short and sweet as possible, so they don’t grow irritated with overly wordy pages.

Working together with an internet marketing agency can help to ensure your ecommerce site is functional for mobile users.


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