Become a Thought Leader Using Twitter and LinkedIn

You’re just a business owner, business professional or just a representative of a brand – why is it necessary to build a personal brand? There are multiple reasons why you should consider working on yours. You may already be the face of an organization or wish to be one. Either way, you want to be perceived by the public in a certain light – you should be in control of using online reputation management strategies.

If you don’t have the time to work this into your busy schedule, then there are services you can hire that will provide online reputation management for you. There’s a lot of work involved, which will take time and diligence. This includes contributing to social media pages, blogging and being active in online communities.

In order for your personal branding to really take off, you need to position yourself as a thought leader. Here are some ways you can do that with the assistance of online reputation management companies in Los Angeles.

Select the Best Channels

It doesn’t always make sense to jump on the latest and greatest social media networks. You need to ensure that it suits your brand and messaging. Plus your audience should spend a lot of time there. You need both to really benefit from any particular platform. With that said, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to be the top picks for those looking to build a personal brand.

Sharing Content On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal place to be no matter what industry or niche you’re in. It offers great potential for you to connect with other professionals, presenting you with more business opportunities. So having an active presence here makes a ton of sense. There’s also a great analytics system available on LinkedIn, allowing you to see how well your profile is doing in terms of engagements and views. You can even compare yourself to others within your industry. If your profile is ranked high, then your content will appear in the feeds, giving you more traffic.

Sharing On Twitter

This platform is one of the ultimate for B2B professionals. It’s much easier to gain a following on Twitter compared to other social networks. You can start off by following brands, experts and businesses that you have interest in. Just make sure you’re not excessively following and unfollowing people because this goes against the terms of service and can lead to your account being suspended.

Building a personal brand takes a great strategy, which can be created and implemented with the help of an online reputation management company.


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