5 Types of Posts to Include in Your Content Calendar

By now, you should already have some type of content marketing schedule set up, so that you can keep track of the posts you’re publishing each week. This should be done for both your blogs, articles and social media posts. There are numerous tools out there you can use to keep everything in order. But before you can make use of those, you need to come up with a content calendar that is engaging. This is key for companies getting the most benefits from their social media marketing strategies.

So let’s review the types of posts you should include in your monthly content calendar.

Asking Questions

Everyone today has an opinion and thanks to outlets like social media platforms and blogs, people are more than willing to share it. You can make use of their desire to share their thoughts by asking visitors the right questions. Creating question posts can help attract readers and it will entice them to engage with the piece. This makes your content shareable and engaging – two things you need to boost the ranking of your content in the SERPs, and deliver higher traffic to your site.

Advice and Tips

People are always looking to improve themselves and their lives, so if you can offer actionable advice, then you will become the go-to resource in whatever topic you position yourself as an expert in. The more tips you offer on your site, the more people will come and even link to your site. The backlink power this would give your site is well-worth giving away your advice for free.

Opinions On Trending Topics

Getting in on the action of trending topics is one of the top goals of social media marketing companies in Los Angeles. One way to succeed at this is to write about trending topics, but give your own personal opinion on them. This will set your content apart from the others that are simply writing about the facts of the current happenings. You can even go as far as to create your own hashtag around the trending topic to help others discover your content.

User-Generated Content

Customers are always posting content with and about their favorite products. Search for this content and share it with your followers. Remember, consumers trust their peers more than they do brands. So if others are raving about your products, then that will give you social proof, which is what some consumers look for before making a purchasing decision. If you don’t find much, you can create contests to get people sharing photos and videos about your brand and products.

Photos and Video

Users today love visual content and right at the top of this list are images and videos. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat to reach audiences that enjoy videos and photos. Video content is excellent for helping brands better connect with their customers on a more personal level. Stats show that consumers that watch videos are twice as likely to buy. It also shows that 92 percent of mobile video viewers share the content they watch.

As for photos, numbers show that posts that contain photos get 53 percent more likes, 84 percent more click-throughs and 104 percent more comments. Select photos that help to tell your story or that contain informational or funny captions.

Putting Together an Engaging Content Calendar

At the end of the day, your content calendar should be filled with posts that are engaging. If you can get people to share, comment on and like your posts, then you’re content strategy is a winner. You can work together with a company that offers social media marketing services to tweak and execute your strategy.


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