Effective Ways to Build Quality Links with a Low Budget

Gaining a high position in the search engines takes a great strategy, using social media, keywords and backlinks. A lot of emphasis should be given particularly to your backlink profile. Why? Because Google pays close attention to the links pointing to your website from third-party sites. The more backlinks you have from quality sites, the better your site will be in Google’s eyes. You can get help with this from an SEO agency.

One problem small businesses and startups run into is getting their hands on the tools needed to assess their backlink profiles. This is likely the last thing on your mind anyway, when you’re trying to start or operate a business with minimal funding.

If this is a similar situation you’re in, you can use the following tips to help you build a quality backlink profile.

Write Regularly for a Site with Authority

Creating posts to be published on third-party websites is a great way to generate traffic and backlinks. But the sites you choose should be authoritative. You may have heard myths that guest blogging is dead, but this couldn’t be further from the truth – ask any SEO agency in Los Angeles.

The key here is to choose a particular site and write for it regularly. So you’re not using the old trick of pitching your articles to a different site each month. You’re instead working on building up a portfolio of content on a handful of hand-picked sites. When Google sees that links continue to be generated for your site from this authority site, it will make your website look good.

Find Influencers to Collaborate With

You can connect with influencers no matter what industry you’re in. Social media is a great place to search around for influencers to connect with. When your audience sees you’re collaborating and connecting with these individuals, it will help to build trust and credibility. This is what’s known as social proof, which will come in handy later on. You can get assistance with this from an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Turn Your Website Into a Resource

One way to set your site apart from the thousands of others in your industry is to create a resource people can’t find elsewhere. You can do this by sharing information related to your industry and audience. Try to come up with topics that will benefit your visitors. Focus on resolving their biggest problems and you’ll have fans for life. You can also write and promote a guide, case study or another piece of content that is research-backed. Most offer this for free in exchange for an email.

Get Featured On Podcasts

Reach out to podcasts in your sector to see if any hosts would like to interview you. It’s an excellent way to showcase your expertise, while at the same time getting the attention of new prospects. You can point listeners to a particular resource page on your website for additional information, rather than just giving them your homepage.

Invite Others to Guest Post

Guest posting is great for getting recognition, but so is allowing others to write for your site. Of course, these individuals should be influencers, or at least followers from your target audience. This way, when they promote the piece they just wrote for your site, they will bring along some of those viewers to your site. Plus, they will include a backlink to the post on their website and social media pages, further boosting your search engine ranking. You can pitch to authors you feel would best fit your audience.

Putting together a great link building strategy doesn’t have to be overly expensive. But if you need help, don’t delay in contacting an SEO agency!


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