ow to Boost Conversions with Social Media Marketing

When you think of social media, what likely comes to mind are individuals and brands that are flamboyant, clever, and smart. While these hold true, it shouldn’t intimidate you from entering the scene. We find a variety of businesses that shy away from social media because they don’t have the time or money, or that it’s not for their particular company. These are nothing more than excuses that can be put to rest by an expert from a social media marketing company.

There are a number of ways you can pull off a solid social media marketing strategy for your business, using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Let’s review some of the ways.

Incorporate Social Logins into Your Website

When people come to your site to make purchases, you can allow them to sign in with their social media account instead of filling out a form. Then each time thereafter, customers will be able to login at the press of a button. It’s fast and convenient and can help get more people to give out their information to you to use for marketing purposes. You can also use this if you don’t have accounts. This feature can be used to speed up the checkout by inserting information into the form taken from their social media account. You can hire social media marketing companies in Los Angeles to have your site updated with social logins.

Include Pinterest and Instagram Buttons

These buttons should be placed on images of your products. This will enable shoppers to share the product with others on their Pinterest and Instagram accounts. In this case, it’s a good idea to have an account on these platforms, so that you can showcase user generated content. This shows social proof, which can help get others to purchase from your brand. Social media marketing services can be used to integrate these buttons into your site.

Embed Social Comments and Reviews

This is a great way to generate feedback from your customers, while at the same time sharing it on social media, giving it more views. On Facebook, you can embed posts onto any page on your site. The potential to boost sales is definitely there. Just make sure to monitor ensure there’s no bullying or profanity.

Embed Videos from YouTube

If you have videos from YouTube and Vimeo, then you can have them embedded onto your site. This can help drive traffic in from these venues. It’s best to publish videos that will benefit your audience, such as how-tos, product demonstrations and customer testimonials. YouTube allows you to create playlists, so that you can group together similar videos for viewers to watch.

Planning Your Social Marketing Strategy

As you’re putting together different components for your social media strategy, you need to determine the following things:

  • The best social logins based on your target audience. The most commonly used are Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Your goals – consider focusing your efforts on conversions and total sales, or both. Facebook has a great track record for boosting conversion rates for ecommerce businesses.
  • The best networks to post content to. The top player right now for connecting with consumers is Facebook. The others are based on what you’re selling, for instance Twitter is good for selling office furniture and supplies, while Pinterest is ideal for selling antiques and collectibles.
  • Combining content marketing with social media. You don’t have to write separate original content for social media. You can just share your posts on social media.

Putting together a social media marketing strategy is best when you acquire services from experts at an social media marketing services.


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