How Your Brand Can Overcome Consumer Trust Issues

How many brands can you list that you actually trust? Likely, there are a select few. This is because consumers today have access to more resources that enable them to make more sound decisions before making purchases. This makes online reputation management more crucial than ever.

The way your brand is perceived by your customers and prospects is important to monitor. Not doing so will only put your brand at risk of having its image tarnished. If you do a search for your company right now, you may find that there are already people kicking dirt on your brand. This will show up first in the search engine results, which means you will potentially lose customers. Fortunately, you can hire online reputation management services for your Los Angeles business.

Meanwhile, you need to be doing all you can to ensure that you’re earning the trust of prospects and customers. Here are a few things you can do to build trust.

Don’t Be Just Another Faceless Brand

Also known as a corporation.  People don’t like corporations because they come off as cold and heartless. All they care about is their bottom line, no matter who they cut down to get it. Brands that successfully put a face and cause to their company are more successful in earning the trust of the public. Social media is a great way to build on your persona and interact with people.

Use Other Means to Promote Your Brand

Advertisements are seen as manipulative, intrusive and annoying. Your first attempt of attracting your target audience to your brand should be super creative and fun. One way to do this is to use social media, video content and blog posts. This offers your audience something more attractive than an ad that says to “Buy Now!”

Be Clear About the Benefits You Offer

Most consumers refuse to shop with brands that have an “agenda.” You need to show prospects that your company is different – genuine, if you will. To do this, you need to be upfront in your copy about how your product or service can benefit customers. Avoid using manipulative or indirect content and ads.

Use Social Media Regularly

Or you can pay an expert to handle your social media accounts for you. Social media allows you to connect directly with your audience and deliver your core messaging. Think long and hard about your strategy, rather than just winging it. You don’t want to end up saying and doing things that will cause a social media backlash.

Doing these things will help improve how people perceive you as a brand. You can also work together with an online reputation management company that specializes in building and maintaining consumer trust.


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