5 Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

For businesses, the best time of year is the end of the year. This is when all of the holidays come around, and with the holidays comes consumers with open wallets. It’s also the reason why you should team up with your Internet marketing agency to start planning your holiday marketing campaigns. You don’t want to wait until the end of the year to start making moves.

There are many mistakes we see brands continuously make. Some are small, but still great enough to cause a negative impact on your marketing campaigns. The first one you should try to avoid now is waiting until the last minute to start planning out your holiday marketing campaigns. Summertime is the best time to begin your planning. Brands that are already promoting holiday sales are ahead of the game and will be in the minds of consumers once the time comes around. We’re not far off from the first set of holidays, which begins with Labor Day.

As you’re making plans with your Internet marketing agency, make sure the following mistakes aren’t being made.

Forgetting About Holiday Offers

This should be the heart of your holiday marketing, since it’s what all the shoppers are going to be looking for. The brands that have the best deals are going to trump all. If you are confident customers and prospects will love your products and services, then this will make it even easier. Just make sure you’re offering deals for the products and services that are a hot commodity. You can also bundle together items and services to make the deal even sweeter. The beginning of the year should have been used to experiment and collect data, so that you know exactly what it is your audience wants.

Not Reaching Out to Your Customers

You have followers, email lists and subscribers – why not use these lists to extend holiday greetings? These people have shown their loyalty to you, so it’s only considerate to reach out to them. Doing so will show that your brand cares and will help to reinforce their loyalty to your brand. You can make a holiday greeting card for each group – you may have some that celebrate different holidays. Or you can make it more general with words like “Season’s Greetings.” It’s good to design your own card, so that it has a personal touch. This can be emailed or snail mailed. And make sure to include a coupon!

Not Surveying Your Customers

Data is like gold for SEO services Los Angeles. It can help you to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t, which could make or break your campaigns. It’s important to survey your customers, so that you can see what they’re thinking about your products, services and brand overall. You can ask for feedback from your clients in exchange for a free gift of seasonal discount. Tools like Survey Monkey and Constant Contact can be used to create an online survey.

Not Using Public Relations

Is there a way you can weave a story with your brand that’s tied to the season? Then you may have something the media will like to write about. Don’t burn bridges to PR because they could really help your brand to gain more attention from prospects you may have never reached without them.

Forgetting About Social Media

If you’re consulting with a business development expert from a reputable Internet marketing agency, they will likely tell you the importance of including social media in your holiday marketing campaign. An agency can set forth a strategy that will enable you to build a quality following, so that your future campaigns are easier to market. If you can get people to talk about you on social media, then you have social proof that your brand will succeed!


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