Why is Authenticity So Important for Small Businesses?

Authenticity – you hear this word being thrown around quite a bit, but what does it really mean for your business? As you delve a little deeper into online branding, you’ll find plenty of talk about being genuine and authentic. Why? Because that’s what consumers want. The Internet has transformed how businesses interact with customers and prospects. Consumers have taken control of the wheel, so it’s ‘what they say goes.’ To survive this, it’s good idea to contact local SEO companies to learn more about what you can do to successfully build your brand online.

What is Authenticity?

In a nutshell, brand authenticity has everything to do with rubbing consumers the right way. This means doing and saying things that are genuine with your branding. If you’re an eco-friendly company, then everything you do should somewhat revolve around that. Whatever voice, personality and messaging you’re promoting needs to be consistent, otherwise you will come off as a fake. No one trusts a fake.

Why Authenticity is So Important

Earning consumer trust isn’t easy – however, the best SEO companies in Los Angeles have already mastered it. They understand why being trustworthy is necessary for driving traffic and revenue. Consumers today spend most of their time online and much of their shopping is done here as well. Even if you’re a brick and mortar company – your online reputation will precede you, so it’s essential to manage your visibility on the Web. What people find should accurately reflect your business, otherwise you could end up losing tons of customers.

Before the explosion of the Internet, brands had 100 percent control over their perception and message. Then the Internet came about and allowed the world to become a spokesperson. Social media really hammered the nail into this issue. Now, people are able to spread good and bad news about any brand quickly.

If you’re not going to take control of your online reputation and prove your authenticity, then you run the risk of having consumers bad mouth your company to others. Social proof means everything these days, so make sure there are good things to find on social media.

What Not to Do

If the local SEO companies you contact recommend blending in with your audience as a method to gain their trust then run away. This isn’t authentic – you’re simply mimicking your target customer and it’s not going to end pretty. Make sure you only work with the best local SEO companies, who can help you find your own voice and personality that screams real and genuine.


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