Is Your SEO Agency Lying to You? Don’t Fall for these Tricks!

Your search engine optimization means everything for visibility on the Web, but most don’t realize how to make it to the first page of Google. This is why hiring an SEO agency becomes a likely solution. But what if the agency you hired wasn’t a good one – how would you really know? This is an issue that a lot of entrepreneurs face because they lack understanding of how search engine optimization works.

It’s important to use only the best practices of Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your site’s rankings are boosted, rather than taken away – because Google is very serious about its algorithm. While no one actually knows how to manipulate search engine algorithms, there is one thing true SEO experts know – content is king and keyword optimization is necessary.

You need to ensure that your content is high quality and doesn’t overuse or under-use the keywords you’ve chosen to rank for. In other words, you need a solid search engine optimization strategy, which can be created with the help of an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

But before you go out and hire an SEO company, you should make sure you don’t get ripped off. The following are the top lies told by so-called SEO experts.

“Knowing” the Algorithms of Search Engines

This is top secret information that is never released to the public, let alone Internet marketers. Google and other search engines are trying to make it so that their SERPs are filled with quality, relevant content, not content that spammed its way to the top. There are times when the algorithm changes without anyone knowing, including these Search Engine Optimization experts who claim to be well-acquainted with them, so watch out!

Being a Jack of All Trades

If an SEO professional says they can help companies rank in any industry, then they aren’t going to do a great job. It takes more than just researching the right keywords to make it to the top – you have to know consume intent. And the only way to really know that is to be somewhat submerged in that industry. It’s impossible to know this type of intel with all industries, so if someone is saying they can wing your SEO without having prior experience in your field, consider moving on to the next SEO agency.

All You Need is SEO

The Internet has changed a lot over the past few years, which has really transformed the way search engine optimization works. There’s more to it now than just writing content that’s keyword-rich. So anyone who claims that SEO is all that’s needed to make it to the top of Google, they’re wrong. Any good agency will tell you that other Internet marketing efforts are just as important, such as social media and paid ads. A great SEO plan will successfully implement multiple channels, so that you have an ultimate Internet marketing strategy.

Promising the First Page of Google

Everyone wants to be guaranteed results, but when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, this is nearly impossible. So anyone who is making false promises such as this should be avoided. There’s no way to guarantee the first page of Google within a specific time frame, since there are so many factors that play a role in this. Your SEO agency will create a plan that will improve your chances and over the long-term, you should see long-lasting results (as long as you keep up with the Search Engine Optimization).

Hopefully, this checklist will help keep you away from scam artists long enough to find a reputable SEO company!


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