Holiday Marketing Checklist for Online Retailers

The holidays is the time of year when most businesses see peak performance. Companies large and small engage with consumers during this time with the hopes of earning their business. This is why your reputation is so important. If people know and trust you, they’re more than likely to do business with you. If you’re worried about your marketing or overall development, then consider business consulting services.

Online retailers are in a special position to boost their sales each holiday season, but it’s up to them to prepare their marketing strategy in advance. Your marketing campaigns will either make or break your strategy. So here’s a quick checklist of what should be done to prepare your holiday marketing campaigns.

Have Your Website Audited

Is you website technically sound? There’s only one way to find out. You need to have it analyzed by a professional to ensure that the site load speed is up to par and that usability, user friendliness and accessibility are all in line. You should also check with your host to ensure they can handle the influx of traffic you may receive during the holidays. Business development consulting services can be used to determine what changes are needed to your site to improve sales.

Start Creating Your Schedule

You need to start planning out which promotional assets you will have during the holidays. Make a schedule of when sales will begin and end and how much the prices will be slashed. Everything should be pre-planned, such as email campaigns, social media posts and advertisements. What will they say and when will they be sent out? You need to know this.

Calculate Shipping Timelines

Make sure to communicate with your suppliers about the increase in orders during the holidays. Make sure they’re able to comply with the influx. Once you know you’ll have enough items in stock, you should clearly state on your website the shipping time frames, so that customers will know this in advance. This will allow them to order items in time for the holidays and prevent them from contacting you to determine when their items will reach them. Also, make sure the returns process is clearly outlined and hassle-free.

Try Ad Retargeting

Consumers are going to be shopping around, which means they’re going to bounce around from site to site looking for the best deals. You can use ad retargeting to promote your products to visitors that have left your site, potentially bringing them back to complete the purchase.

Hiring a business development consulting expert can revive your holiday marketing strategy. It’s a good idea to also invest in online reputation management Los Angeles marketing firm.


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