Web Design Trends You Should Throw Out Now

Is your Web site guilty of a bad design? This isn’t your fault – it’s likely due to the designer you hired. But what you do next will lie on your shoulders, because if you sit back and do nothing, then your business will suffer for it. There are sites out there suffering dearly because of a poor design, and some don’t understand how it’s connected to their bottom line.

These sites may have slow-loading pages, cluttered content and other nonsense that can make a site non-user-friendly. Remember, it’s all about the user experience. So make sure to steer clear of the following design fails.


When sliders first came out, they were attractive and sought after. But as time went on, marketers started to see the pitfall of implementing them into their site. If you track user behavior, you’ll find that sliders are actually a distraction. Instead of directing them to images, you should be driving their attention to content that points out how you can solve their pain points. Plus, the sliders are JavaScript, which can eat away at your loading time.

You can ask a Web design expert in Los Angeles about other options that don’t eat up loading time.

Annoying Pop Ups

Using the pop up box to ask visitors to sign up to your newsletter or blog is a smart move, but it shouldn’t take away from the user experience. It’s best to have the window open up after a certain amount of time. There should be a simple way to opt out and it should be nice. You may have come across a few pop ups that were downright mean – saying something snarky like “No, thanks. I like missing out on sales…” This is rather offensive and will likely turn your audience off.

Videos On Auto-Play

You’ve had your fair share of these startling pieces of content. You’re scrolling down a Web page and suddenly there’s a voice or music playing without your permission. If the settings are loud, this will give visitors a scare, who will more than likely leave the website to get away from the noise.

Second Site for Mobile Users

The best Web design you can have is one that’s responsive. This way, there’s no need for a second site for mobile users. Professional SEO services have honed in on this because it helps to improve site rankings – Google and other search engines prefer sites that are mobile-friendly.

Talk to an SEO agency today about obtaining Web design services that will improve user experience and optimization.


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