How to Generate a Following Using Google+

What are you doing to improve your social media outreach efforts? Are you using the right channels to reach out to your target audience? Companies that are using social media marketing should heavily consider the various options available. Researching and testing the different platforms is key for finding the best outlets.

One network you should consider using as an entrepreneur is Google+. This platform boasts over 350 million users and is steadfast on the path to becoming as big as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Although the number of users is impressive, it doesn’t say much for the amount of engagement that’s happening.

According to Gigya, only 2 percent of social shares takes place on Google+, compared to 50 percent on Facebook, 24 percent on Twitter and 16 percent on Pinterest. If you’re on Google+ and aren’t having any luck with generating followers or user engagement, then consider using these valuable tips!

Add Customers to Your Circle

Sometimes, following others leads to them following you back. It’s a common courtesy in the social media realm, but only if the follow is considered authentic and valuable. If you have proven your brand to be a leader in your industry, you should have no problem getting people to follow you back.

Host Hangout Sessions and Public Convos

Google+ is deeply integrated into everything Google, which is a +1 for brands. You can use your profile to host Google hangouts. You can schedule these events and invite others to join. There’s even a feature that allows those invited to RSVP, so you have an idea of how many people will attend. This can be used for business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions. Companies can use social media marketing services to help generate buzz for these public online events.

Give Business Reviews and Recommendations

If you’ve done business with other entrepreneurs and small businesses, look them up on Google+ and leave them a review and recommendation. This could earn you a review and recommendation in return. When people see your brand being recommended and positively reviewed, they’ll be more willing to follow you.

Also, make sure you link your Google+ profile to your website and all of your other social media accounts. It’s a good idea to have a social media marketing strategy in place that’s designed solely for generating quality leads, which can be developed with the assistance of Internet marketing companies in Los Angeles.


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