Advance Your SEO Now Before the EOY Holidays!

The Internet is the source everyone uses to perform most, if not all, of their holiday shopping. Surely, you’re even guilty of using the likes of Amazon, eBay and specific websites for gift shopping. Billions of dollars are spent each year between November and December alone. That’s a lot of money to go around, so make sure your company is getting a fair share of it ā€“ one way to do that is to perfect your SEO strategy.

Another way is to ensure your Web design is up to par. But the key to making this work is to do it well before the holidays roll around. There are millions of consumers using tablets and smartphones to conduct their holiday shopping online. This means your website needs to have a responsive design.

Ecommerce businesses must start amping up their search engine optimization, so they can make sure they receive as much traffic as possible when the EOY holidays come around. The following tips can be used to help get your company SEO in line before then.

Don’t Wait ‘Til the Last Minute

It’s summertime, but it’s the best time to start making preparations for the fall and winter holidays. You don’t want to have your website backlogged because hundreds of other companies are trying to get their SEO, social media marketing and web design in order. A lot of brands wait ’til the last minute and end up paying dearly for it ā€“ literally. You can expect to dish out more money to have your project expedited.

Make Sure Your Servers Are Ready

If you’ve been struggling with keeping your website up now, then imagine how much trouble you’re going to be in when the traffic increases tenfold during the holidays. Back in 2012, there were 139.4 million consumers shopping online over Thanksgiving weekend. This is when retailers tend to face the most downtime and technical challenges. Identify these now before they ruin your bottom line!

Incorporate a Responsive Web Design

Your search engine optimization will fail if you don’t have a website that is mobile-friendly. Google and other search engines are openly penalizing these non-mobile-friendly sites by pushing them way down into the ranks, which means less traffic for you.

Pay Attention to Potential High-Traffic Pages

Which pages on your website are the most likely to get the most traffic? These pages should be given special attention. Make sure they have updated information about your company and any sales that you’ll be hosting then. The pages you want to give attention to include landing pages, store locater, contact us, track order and return policies. Many consumers will want to read your return policies before they make a purchase.

If you need assistance with preparing your company’s SEO strategy, consider consulting with business development consulting expert at an Internet marketing agency.


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