Ways to Give Your SEO Strategy a Kick in the Right Direction

By far, search engine optimization is one of the top ways to get your brand noticed by consumers. People are using search engines daily to search for products, services and brands, which means you need to rank for your target keywords. However, without a solid strategy, you’re going to be shooting darts in the dark. One way to ensure you nail your strategy is to work with an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Top misconceptions about SEO is that it costs way too much and is a waste of time and effort. But this is normally said by those who haven’t figured out how to effectively implement it. There are some SEO companies in Los Angeles that do charge a hefty price for their services, but this doesn’t speak for all of them.

You can find an SEO service in Los Angeles that actually matches your budget and incorporates high-quality techniques. If you’re like most small businesses, you’re looking for affordable ways to get more traffic for your website. The following are solutions to your plight.

Analyze Your Keywords

Are the keywords you’ve been using really the ones you should be using? If you’re not getting good results, it could be your methods or the keywords themselves. One way to know is to analyze them – they should be as close to your niche as possible and have few competitors. You can use tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool, which are free to use. The data you can collect from these tools are priceless.

Get Rid of Duplicate Content

Plagiarism isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to duplicate content. It could be due to canonicity errors, which will also need to be corrected as soon as possible. Google will penalize your site if it finds this­. You can use the Google Search Console tool to locate any duplicated content on your site.

Fix All 404 Errors

These are dead ends your visitors end up at when they click on certain links on your site. If you have links that go nowhere, then this will negatively affect your Google rankings. The Google Search Console can be used to identify these. Once you find them, 301 redirects need to be created. An SEO agency can help you get rid of them all.

Link to Authoritative Third-Party Sites

Google does reward sites that link to outside sources that it views as authoritative. One way to do this is to reference sources that backup whatever information you’re claiming in your content. This helps make your content more credible to both search engines and users. Since people will find this more trustworthy, so will Google and other search engines.

Check Loading Speed of Website

If your website is loading too slow, then it could be an easy quick fix or a more daunting task. There are different ways you can pull this off, such as by reducing the sizes of your images, caching and deleting plugins, or switching hosting providers. A slow site is a quick way to move down in the ranks.

Ensure Your Design is Responsive

You absolutely need to have a website that allows people to search your site on any device they want to use. The only way to ensure this is to have a website with a responsive design. It also needs to have a template that looks attractive to mobile device users. An SEO company in Los Angeles can analyze your site and give you insight into how to redo or tweak your site.


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