Social Media 102: Building Your Brand Using Social Networks

What is the number one goal you have for your business in 2016? Is it to get more visibility, generate more leads or improve your image? For a lot of marketers, brand awareness is a number one priority. This holds true for those in the B2B and B2C sectors. One way companies can do this is with social media marketing.

There are over two billion people with social media accounts. This accounts for two thirds of Internet users. It’s also why obtaining social media marketing services has topped the to-do list for small businesses that are looking to build up their brand.

If your goals for this year is to do a bit of online reputation management, then you’ll find the following tips to be useful. Here’s what it takes to make your social media marketing work.

Consistency is Key

Branding is all about creating an image that is consistent. If people think your brand is having an identity crisis, they will be less likely to trust it. What this means is that your brand should have a consistent message across all social media channels. Make sure that your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and anywhere else you’re creating your online presence is unified. You can also create a routine, like having infographics shared on Mondays and sharing testimonials on Fridays.

Don’t Overlook Your Logo

This is what should be displayed in your profile photos, cover photos or elsewhere on your social media profiles. This will help your audience to identify your brand wherever you’re posting content. If your business is new, be selective about the logo you create. You can work with online reputation management services to help create a logo that resonates with your brand and what it stands for.

Identify Your Voice and Style

Knowing your audience will help your company identify these key components in your social media marketing strategy. You need to know the language your target customer speaks and use that to communicate via social networks. Create personas for each of your customers, so you can have a better idea of who you’re talking to. Set the tone, language and purpose for the content you post on social media.

Be Human

One of the most important components in brand building is showing your audience that you’re a human being. What this means is you need to show some personality in all of your posts. Get rid of corporate vocabulary and talk in layman terms. Colloquial dialogue and humor can be very helpful in terms of connecting with your audience. This is something social media marketing companies excel at.

Focus On Socializing

Aside from posting great content, you need to converse with your followers. Your social media marketing strategy should include getting involved in conversations. Engaging with your audience shows you’re human and it helps to build relationships. If you really want to build up your brand, then you really need to focus on creating two-conversations that are genuine.

Tell Amazing Stories

Everyone likes a good story, so tell your audience the story of your brand. This should be authentic and help connect your audience with your brand. You can try tying in your customers into the story to add a personal touch. If you need help with creating a story for your brand, you can work with a social media marketing company.

Be Relevant

The posts you create on social media should be engaging, meaningful and relevant to your audience or it will go ignored. Make sure you’re not posting too often or too far in between. A content schedule should be created to ensure you have enough content to keep your audience engaged.


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