Social Media 101: Building a Local Following On Facebook

Companies that aren’t implementing social media marketing are falling behind competition. Your local competitors are more than likely engaging in social media and winning over customers that could otherwise be yours. Brick and mortar businesses can actually benefit the most from social media, since it allows you to connect with prospects on a local level.

Of course, your audience should actually be on social media for your strategy to work. It’s best to take time to do a bit of research to see if your customers and potential customers are using social media and which platforms. Once you’ve identified this, you can begin putting together a strategy with the assistance of social media marketing companies in Los Angeles.

If you find that your target audience is on Facebook, you can use the following tips to build your following and increase user engagement.

Open a Facebook Group

Savvy local businesses are starting groups that revolve around a topic that their audience is passionate about, but is also related to the brand’s industry. For instance, a fitness trainer can open a group about improving your diet or a wedding shop can open a group about marriage and relationships. See how you can do the same for your brand.

Start a Community Blog

You can tie this together with your Facebook group, if you decide to open one. For instance, the wedding shop can write blog posts about marriage and the fitness trainer can write about nutrition. Make sure all the content you post is engaging and useful to your audience. The goal is to get people to share and comment on your posts. This helps to drive up your position in search engine results. Social media marketing services can be used to streamline your results.

Create a Social Landing Page

You can personalize your marketing by creating a landing page that is related to a Facebook page you created. Include a link on your social media page to the landing page. Anyone who visits and likes your Facebook page will more than likely engage with the landing page, and potentially convert them.

Take a Look at Competitors

It’s good to know what your competition is doing and if it’s working. You can use tools like Google’s Wildfire to see this for yourself. This monitors brands and gives each one a benchmark based on their performance over time. If you notice a spike in activity, take a look at their Facebook feeds to see what’s been posted.

Ensure All Content is Engaging

There are different ways you can capture the attention of your followers. For instance, you can post high quality photos and infographics. You can also create video content that are short and caters to the interests of your audience. Any blog posts you share on Facebook should also offer some type of benefit to your customer base. These can be designed to educate followers about solving a problem, preferably using your product or service.

Partner with Other Businesses

People like humanized brands, so tap into this by showing you’re a philanthropist. You can team up with nonprofits and charities that revolve around a cause your brand and its customers are passionate about. You can advertise that $1 will be donated to the charity for every like a specific post gets within a particular time frame.

Social media marketing companies offer a variety of services that can be used to help make your Internet marketing more effective. Contact one today to see how you can maximize your social influence.


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