Why Consider a Multi-Platform Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is an extension of your Internet marketing strategies – it helps enhance your search engine optimization, improve your social media presence and even increase traffic to your website. SEO is still highly relevant today and shouldn’t be underestimated by Los Angeles companies. Your online presence is very important in the world we live in today, where people rely heavily on search engines to find out about a company and its products or services before making a purchase.

If you already have a video marketing strategy in place, how many platforms are you using? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re only putting to use one, and that’s likely YouTube.

It’s important to note that there are way more platforms you can use to market your video content. And using more than one greatly increases your chances of getting more visibility for your brand. It’s one way to simplify your online reputation management.

Surprisingly, you’ll find social media platforms leading the pack for places to upload your video content. Let’s review.

Facebook and Twitter Head the Race

Recently, these two social media networks decided to get in on the video content craze, so they tweaked their algorithms, allowing for more video content to be shown in their feeds. What was seen was an amazing result of users engaging more with video content over all others. These are great platforms to expand to, since so many people are open and willing to watch the videos uploaded by brands. If you already have a presence on social media, this is an excellent way to build on that.

Going Live Can Help Your Brand

YouTube isn’t the only site that allows you to go live with your broadcasts. You can reach out to other users that are using platforms like Periscope, Twitch and Facebook. You can use it for live hosted events, a first-time look at a new product or a quick Q&A session with your audience.

Create Emotional Connections to Build Trust

There’s something about videos that are just more personal. It’s way more effective at connecting your brand with your audience via the Internet compared to text alone. This is especially important when you’re trying to build an online reputation. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can develop a video marketing plan to help boost your traffic and reputation.

Whatever your reasons behind using video marketing, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of SEO and how it can help your Los Angeles company.


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