Quick Checklist to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Reason WordPress is a platform of choice by many businesses is because it’s easy to use and it has enhanced seo capabilities. But do not make rooky mistakes, make sure your URLs are SEO friendly, check your privacy settings, customize your title and meta tags. There are many other things you need to set up prior to your site getting indexed with google. Seek out help from a SEO agency, if you don’t know how to.

Content marketing is tough business, especially with the likes of Google consistently updating its algorithm. It can turn a perfect content marketing strategy into a hot mess in a moment’s notice. So the key to bouncing back and keeping up is to stay abreast of Google updates and make changes accordingly. The SEO agencies in Los Angeles offer services that can ensure your content strategies are up to par.

Meanwhile, you can use the following checklist to ensure your content is optimized properly.

Write Down Your SEO Blueprint

It’s good to document your search engine optimization strategy, so you know exactly what needs to be tweaked. A blueprint will also be helpful for pinpointing problem areas and bring newbies up to date with your methods. If you decide to hire an Internet marketing agency, then they will ask to see what you’ve been doing up until their hire date. Even after you’ve been working with an SEO agency in Los Angeles, it’s a good idea to revisit your strategy every now and then to see if it needs to be updated. Data shows that businesses that document their content marketing are twice as likely to have effective campaigns.

Audit Your SEO Regularly

Never settle for your current SEO strategy – at least not until you’ve audited it and confirmed it’s actually working. If you’re not sure how to audit your SEO, then you should consider consulting with a business development expert that specializes in search engine optimization. There are a number of tools and methods that can be employed to perform an audit.

Focus On Semantic Search

Search is becoming more personalized, so it’s good to focus your SEO on semantics, or the context of a user’s search. This is the same focus that Google is giving when updating their algorithms, so keep your sights on this to stay ahead of the curve (and competitors).

Check Your Keyword List

Although the context of searches is becoming more important, it doesn’t rule out keyword optimization. The keywords you use will still play a significant role in determining the relevancy of your site for a search term. Your business should consider consulting with an Internet marketing agency to have your keyword list selected by an expert.

Ensure All of Your Content is Optimized

All pieces of content you publish should be optimized with your targeted keywords. Make sure you don’t stuff the content with the key phrases. You want to write for users, not search engines. Just make sure keywords are in titles, subheadings and sprinkled throughout your content.

Implement a Social Marketing Strategy

It’s best to tie together your social media marketing efforts with your SEO strategy because they can greatly complement each other. you need to have a good strategy to get people talking about your brand. Getting people to comment on, share and like your posts can greatly help your search engine results.

Make sure to research which networks your audience is using, so you don’t waste your time posting to an irrelevant platform. Facebook and other networks offer tools that can help you promote your brand and keep watch of the performance of your posts. Paid ads are the new thing on social media and are actually offering a great return on investment for brands.

Hire the Right SEO Agency

If you don’t have the time to put together a solid SEO strategy, you need to hire an agency in Los Angeles. But if you go this route, make sure they can effectively integrate your SEO and social media campaigns so to boost your online reputation and lead generation. In today’s time, Internet marketing isn’t effective unless you combine these two effectively.


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