Rebranding: How these Large Companies Did it Right

First impressions are everything. ORM can help manage your image online.
First impressions are everything. ORM can help manage your image online.

Your brand represents everything your company stands for. It’s the personality and image of your business, which makes it a very important component, whether you’re a large or small entity. Branding consists of your logo, tag line, company colors and company name. All of these tied together is what people use to identify your business. But what happens when you’ve done poor online reputation management and need to rebrand your business?

There are different reasons why a company chooses to rebrand their companies – to start over fresh, correct their public image or for no real reason at all (this oftentimes leads to backlash). Rebranding is a lot like rebuilding an infrastructure. You have to plan out the design and scheme you will use and why. You have to ensure that whatever changes you make are warranted and will benefit your organization in some way. There’s really no sense in changing your logo or company name if there’s no real need to. Every change should meet the culture and goals of your organization.

Big Corporations Making Brand Tweaks

You may have witnessed some of the larger corporations undergoing rebranding, like CVS, which decided to change its name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health. Their idea was to focus more on their new direction towards health and wellness.

Another major business that made some brand changes was Hewlett Packard, which recently established Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which will focus on delivering IT products and services, such as storage devices, servers, cloud solutions and networking gear.

Flywheel Sports, a New York indoor cycling boutique that decided to redo its logo and tagline so that it would reinforce its core values and encourage authenticity and empowerment.

Rebranding for big companies can take a lot of work, but the same holds true for any sized business. If you’re planning to rebrand your business, then the following tips can be used to streamline the process.

Don’t Do It Just to Do It

Again, there are different reasons why companies decide to rebrand their business. If your online reputation isn’t so great and you think there’s nothing that can be done to reverse it, then rebranding could be plausible. You can work with local SEO companies that offer online reputation management to try and improve your image before resorting to rebranding. But simply rebranding for the sake of having a shiny new look isn’t advised.

This is something that Gap and Uber got slammed for doing. They came up with new identities without really any substance behind their rebranding.

The Planning Never Stops

The days of planning a strategy, executing it and getting the desired outcome are long gone. We now live in an era where the world is ever-evolving. This means your plans will have to continue evolving through to completion and even afterward. So in a sense, you’re never done planning. Your team should be ready and willing to make tweaks to your strategy through to the end.

Don’t Forget Your Audience Are People

It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B or B2C business. The end user is still a person. This is important to remember as you’re rebranding your company. You should have a captivating story to tell, evoking images and emotional engagement. You need to draw in your audience and potentially capture them with your story and visuals. The goal here is to play on human emotions.

Incorporate the Internet

Keep in mind that people today are using the Internet for just about everything – to research, watch videos, interact with brands and talk to friends and family. It’s also where they like to shop. This is why it’s very important to enlist the help of a SEO services in Los Angeles that can provide online reputation management. This is essential for controlling what users see when they search for your company online.


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