What Every Entrepreneur Should Understand About Social Media Marketing

Many businesses are using social media for better ROI for their marketing efforts. Social media ads can be very targeted because of the available data on the users.


Social media plays a big role in helping the SEO strategy your company pushes out. Without social media, you would have to spend many months pushing up your content in the SERPs and then hope people click on your website. Social media puts your content in the face of your audience, even when you’re just a newbie. Facebook, Pinterest and other social media networks are enabling profile owners to buy cheap ads that are directly targeted at a specific demographic at a certain time of day. This makes it easier for brands entering the social media scene to gather a following early on.

But before you jump on the social media bandwagon, you need to know some things.

Your Reputation is On the Line

Social media marketing services are vital for proper online reputation management. It’s very easy to make mistakes that can tarnish your brand reputation. This has been an issue a lot of SEO companies had to come and clean up. Like medicine, prevention is the best method when it comes to your image. You need to do whatever you can to prevent mishaps from taking place, so that there aren’t any pricey reputation repair services needed.

You Absolutely Need a Plan

It seems like simple work – and it is, but only when you’re implementing a solid strategy. Simply opening up a social media page and posting content on there isn’t going to secure a following, brand mentions or even website clicks. You need to work in tandem with a professional that offers social media and online reputation management services.

Not all strategies are created equal. You need a clear focus for your campaigns, whether it’s to drive more traffic, gain more subscribers, generate more leads or increase sales. Although all of the above would be nice to have, it won’t do your strategy any justice if you’re aiming at too many things. Your campaigns should have a call to action that drives people to perform a specific action you want them to do.

Offers Need to Be Fresh

Content automation is a genius solution to most business owners’ biggest issue – lack of time. This will more than likely be used by any SEO company that you hire. But with most gifts also comes a curse. Some brands automate their offers and then allow them to run forever. This completely goes against the concept of specials. They are supposed to be designed to make people act now, but if they see your offer always returns, they won’t feel rushed to take action now. You need to have a real deadline and stick to it. You can keep them fresh by having weekly perks for people who engage with your content.

You Have to Track and Measure Everything

The only way to really know whether your social media marketing strategy is working is to collect data and analyze it. If you’re not tracking everything you post, then it will be very difficult to run through all the data to see what works and what doesn’t. The top social networks, including Facebook and Pinterest, have analytics tools that give you insights about your posts and how they perform. Make use of these tools to ensure your strategy is benefiting your business, as well as your audience.

Focus On Sales Not Branding

Branding is a by-product of a strategy that effectively uses direct response marketing. Everything you do on your social media account is a representation of your brand, so you’re brand building without really trying. As long as you remain in the eye of your audience and engage with them, then they’re more than likely going to remember your brand.


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